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"What About Ross Procedure Reoperations for the Aortic & Pulmonary Valves?" asks Joe

Given the renewed interest for the Ross Procedure - from patients in our community - I'm ... Read more

New Patient Post by Ben Crawford

I met with my surgeon today and scheduled my surgery for 2/22/23. I had an ... Read more

Heart Valve Experts Reunite at STS Conference

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New Patient Post by Lena Afanaseva

Hi all!  After surgery in 2019 to replace the aortic valve, the ... Read more

"Can Dacron Grafts Calcify After Aortic Valve & Aneurysm Surgery?" asks Nikki

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New Patient Post by Alex Sagan

I have another question: what were you told after OHS about sleeping in ... Read more

Janet Gets Successful Mitral Valve Repair Surgery

I love hearing patient success stories from our community... Read more

New Patient Post by RUSSAN GALLERO

Mr. Robert Miller pls. free to call the pedia cardio Doctor who was ... Read more