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Pre surgery by Penny Jones

I will be seeing my cardiologist on 7/26/18 to make the necessary plans for... Read more

Technology Update: How Did 4D-MRI Help John Time His Heart Surgery

Timing heart valve surgery can be tricky for cardiologists, for surgeons and, ultimately, ... Read more

Supplements by Marianne Charters

I was on Sam-e before surgery. I love the effect on my mood and appetite... Read more

Four Year Anniversary by Michael Meyer

Celebrating year four of a mitral valve repair completed at the Cleveland ... Read more

Before-and-After Surgery: Tim's Mitral Valve Reveal

Have you ever wanted to see what a mitral valve looks like before-and-after it's repaired... Read more

My Replacement Aortic Tissue Valve by John Lant

I was just asked a question from one of the folks here. "What Type of ... Read more

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