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Thankful for the options I had by Steve Farthing

I am sorry that sleeping supine or on sides is so difficult for so many ... Read more

Before-and-After Surgery: Tim's Mitral Valve Reveal

Have you ever wanted to see what a mitral valve looks like before-and-after it's repaired... Read more

Hope by Judy Shaw

When I hear about people in their 80s having OHS and do just fine gives me ... Read more

Julie's Smiling Scar Selfie Goes Viral

Thanks to Julie...  I'm having another "Holy Moly" moment... Read more

"How Can Robots Advance Heart Valve Surgery?" asks Diane

This patient community is fantastic.  The questions I've received lately are wonderful ... Read more

Fathers Day by Chris Purvis

Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing dads on this site. I hope each and ... Read more

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