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Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. Luis Castro Receives Over 100 Patient Testimonials

I am overly excited to share that Dr. Luis Castro just received his 103rd patient ... Read more

Coffee, anyone by Bonnie Stone-Hope

Just have a question about coffee consumption following valve surgery... Read more

Is Aortic Valve Repair A New Global Phenomenon

Together, we've learned lots about the advantages of mitral valve repair procedures which ... Read more

Two years on by Sophia Ridley

Hello!! My second re-birthday was on Saturday. When I think of the journey ... Read more

Aortic Stenosis Progression: Top 5 Facts Patients Should Know

Aortic stenosis is a wildly misunderstood form of heart disease that impacts 12% of the ... Read more

Blogging by Hailey Krsyzckowski

I started a blog a few months ago, and it shares my story of my health ... Read more

John's Photos Go Viral With 5,300 Facebook Likes

The power of our patient community never ceases to amaze me. You guys and gals are simply ... Read more

3 days to Surgery by Susan Rush

I feel like I am missing/forgetting something. House is stocked up with ... Read more

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