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AHHHHH surgery is postponed by Colleen Fisher

Just when you get yourself mentally prepared you get your covid test back (... Read more

Patient Webinar Announced: "Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery" with Dr. Joanna Chikwe & Me

[Update: Great News! The “Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery” webinar with Dr. Chikwe ... Read more

Almost 9 months and by Lynn Loudermilk

Heart wise doing very well. Cardiologist is happy with everything. I only... Read more

Heart Warrior Spotlight: John Bikes Coast-to-Coast After Mitral Valve Repair

A mighty "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" is going out to John Deysher, a heart valve patient from our... Read more

Update: V-day + 10 by George Gardopee

I’m 10 days post mitral and tricuspid valve repair at the Cleveland ... Read more

UW Medicine Heart Institute Joins Our Community

I am very excited to announce that UW Medicine Heart Institute just became the newest ... Read more

5K in the Books by Joseph Heinzmann

Haven't posted since completing the couch to 5K program. After completing ... Read more