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New Findings: Mitral Valve Repair Restores Normal Life Expectancy

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Post surgery HR by Karrie Irby-Williams

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Remembering Fran Zilko (1939 - 2018

On behalf of our community...  I am sending thoughts, prayers, condolences and love to ... Read more

1 year post- op scan by Kim Carpenter

Had my 1 year ct scan/check today ! Met with surgeon to go over results ! ... Read more

"What Happens to Aortic Valve Debris During TAVR?" asks Shripad

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Crazy times by Debbie Moriarty

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New MitraClip Research Is A "Game Changer" for Patients

Applause, excitement and tears of joy filled the main arena at the 30th Annual ... Read more

4 weeks since surgery by Dan Baltazor

Today I had a 4 week post op follow up with my surgeon's office. Overall ... Read more