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Take the Heart Valve Clinical Trial Survey for Patients

[October 19, 2020 Update:  Thanks so much to the patient community ... Read more

4/30/2020 FB posting by Jim Archer

Two weeks Ago…….. I thought a bit about doing this post, but decided to... Read more

Amazing! Jerome Flashes a Heart-Felt "Thumbs-Up" From the ICU

How far will the wonderful patients in our community go to inspire one another... Read more

Day 3 update by Bob Clark

Well, shortly after I posted the Day 3 after Surgery post I had a mild ... Read more

After Heart Surgery, Lee Feels Very Grateful

When I see a patient picture like this come across my community newsfeed, I stop what I'm ... Read more

A day at at a Time by Joan Hibo

It's been 2 weeks after being discharged home. I made the 60 minute marker ... Read more

Robin Makes That HVS Mask Look Good

As you may have seen here, I had face masks made for my family to ... Read more

Three months by Pat Bluemel

I posted this on Facebook earlier this morning. Can't believe it's been ... Read more