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Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. Marc Gillinov Receives 100 Patient Testimonials

I am excited and honored to announce that Dr. Marc Gillinov just received his 100th ... Read more

New Patient Post by Steven Mccormick

At 9 weeks post aortic valve replacement, feeling better, I started cardiac... Read more

New Patient Post by David Carriker

So far, great news is that my heart is doing well. They repaired my custom ... Read more

Free eBook & Webinar Video: Ask Dr. Gerdisch Anything

Our recent webinar, “Ask Dr. Gerdisch Anything", was amazing! During the webinar, Dr. ... Read more

New Patient Post by David Seligman

Hello all!  I received a shirt as a gift for post surgery but ended up... Read more

Join 400 Patients Live for the "Ask Dr. Gerdisch Anything" Webinar This Thursday

[May 25, 2023 Update: The "Ask Dr. Gerdisch Anything" webinar was fantastic!  In case you... Read more

New Patient Post by Jason Hyrup

Hi. Everyone

  I went home friday, memorial weekend. Had some ... Read more