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Website Update: New Security Features Go Live

I get lots of excellent questions about heart valve disease from our patient community. ... Read more

Lucky bunny by Dorothea Sautter

I heard from my surgeon that I got one of the brand-new Edwards Inspiris ... Read more

Ask Adam Anything LIVE at the Heart Valve Summit

If you have questions about heart valve disease and treatment... Let me get the answers ... Read more

Appointment with my cardiologist this morning by Janet Skinner

I'm still in AFib and heart rate was 133 bpm this morning during the ECG. ... Read more

Unexpected! We're #3 On FeedSpot's Top Heart Blogs

This is completely unexpected!  I just learned that ranks #3 in ... Read more

Testing complete by Wendy Evans

So, today I started out with a list of three tests: EGD, TEE and Cardiac ... Read more

Barry's Patient Advice: Find The Best Heart Surgeon for You

I have to congratulate Barry for being his own... best... patient advocate... Read more

I'M HOME-1 WEEK OUT by Laura Shepherd

One week ago, they replaced aorta valve and repaired another . It was ... Read more

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