Charles Schwab Undergoes Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

With the exception of Barbara Walters’ heart valve surgery in May, this year was relatively quiet for public figures needing heart valve repair or heart valve replacement operations. However, our list of “well-known patients” did expand during the final week of 2010.

On Friday, December 24th, Charles Schwab, the chairman and founder of Charles Schwab Corp., underwent successful heart valve surgery.

Charles Schwab, Heart Surgery Patient
Charles Schwab, 73, Heart Valve Surgery (Replacement) Patient

According to reports, Charles Schwab is resting comfortably and recuperating well from Friday’s surgery which was a heart valve replacement procedure. Doctors expect Charles Schwab, like other patients, to return home from the hospital in the next few days. If you were unaware, Charles Schwab — who is married with 5 children — is a pioneer in the discount brokerage industry, which gives small investors direct access to Wall Street by charging lower fees than full-service brokerages.

At this time, many questions specific to Charles Schwab heart valve surgery remain:

  • Which valve(s) was defective?
  • Who was his surgeon?
  • What hospital did he go to?
  • What type of surgical procedure was used?
  • What type of heart valve replacement did he receive – mechanical, tissue, homograft?

As we have seen, some some public figures are often guarded about sharing those details — which I can completely understand. However, if that information does become available, I will update this blog about the heart valve surgery of Charles Schwab.

In the meantime, I wish Charles a very comfortable recovery and happy holidays!

Keep on tickin’ Chuck!

P.S. Other famous people to undergo heart valve surgery are shown below. In this selection, you will see Arnold Schwarzenegger (aortic valve), Barbara Bush (aortic valve), Robin Williams (aortic and mitral valve), Aaron Boone (aortic valve and aortic root), Barbara Walters (aortic valve), Ed Koch (aortic valve), Jim Lehrer (aortic valve), Elizabeth Taylor (mitral valve), and Teppo Numminen.

Picture Of Famous People & Celebrities Who Had Heart Surgery

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