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By Adam Pick

12 Great Questions To Ask Your Heart Surgeon

By Adam Pick on December 18, 2016

A brilliant question I often receive from patients is, “What should I ask my surgeon when I meet with them?”

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Surgeon Q&A: Is It Safe for Patients with Heart Valve Disease to Exercise?

By Adam Pick on March 10, 2016

At the recent Heart Valve Summit, I received a great question from John about exercise and heart valve disease. John, who has a leaking heart valve, asked me, “Does exercise put me at risk?”

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Surgeon Q&A: “Why Do I Need An Angiogram Before Heart Valve Surgery?” asks John

By Adam Pick on October 8, 2014

I recently saw a great question posted at John’s heart valve journal. So you know, John is scheduled for aortic valve surgery on October 17. In his post, John asked, “Since I already know that I have aortic valve stenosis — and need it replaced — why do I have to go through an angiogram?”

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Angiogram Picture

“What About Breast Implants Before Heart Surgery?” Asks Dorata

By Adam Pick on February 24, 2014

I received an interesting question from Dorata about breast implants, echocardiograms and minimally invasive heart valve surgery. In her email, Dorata writes, “Hi Adam, I’m expecting a mitral valve repair surgery in a few years. I’m considering having breast implants now. I am wondering if breast implants interfere with the echocardiographic examination and minimally invasive surgeries?”

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“Do Asymptomatic Patients Really Need Heart Valve Surgery?” with Dr. Richard Lee

By Adam Pick on January 27, 2012

Following our last post about watchful waiting for patients with moderate heart valve disease, I received several emails from asymptomatic patients. While each email was unique, most patients were curious to know if patients without symptoms should undergo heart valve repair and heart valve replacement procedures — for conditions including aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation.

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“What Are The Risks Of Mini-Sternotomy Compared To A Full Sternotomy?” Asks Jenny

By Adam Pick on September 6, 2011

Jenny just sent me a very interesting question about surgical approaches for heart valve repair. She writes, “Dear Adam – I was just diagnosed with severe mitral regurgitation. I have regular degenerative mitral valve prolapse. An annuloplasty valve ring has been recommended as well. I’m thinking of having a mini-sternotomy and wondering what the risks are compared to a full sternotomy? Are there any other approaches that might be advantageous for me? Thanks, Jenny”

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“How To Manage The Fear & Anxiety Before Heart Valve Surgery?” Asks Sophia

By Adam Pick on May 14, 2011

Sophia sent me a very appropriate question about two emotions experienced by most patients prior to heart valve surgery. She writes, “Adam – I’m 62 and diagnosed with mitral regurgitation. I need surgery and I’m scared out of my mind. Is there anything the surgeons can share that could ease my fear and anxiety?”

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“Do All Patients Get A Cardiac Catheterization Before Heart Surgery?” Asks Denise

By Adam Pick on March 27, 2011

Yesterday, I spoke with Denise, a 44 year-old patient suffering from severe mitral regurgitation disorder. She asked me, “Adam – The first surgeon I met with has yet to request a cardiac catheterization. Is that normal? I thought all patients got heart caths before surgery?”

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“Can I Stay Overnight In The ICU With My Wife?” Asks Ted

By Adam Pick on September 5, 2010

He writes, “Adam – My wife is going in for aortic valve replacement operation next week. I want to support her morning, noon and night. Do you know if I will be able to stay in the ICU overnight with her? Thanks, Ted”

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“Should I Get A Teeth Cleaning Before Heart Surgery?” Asks Karen

By Adam Pick on June 25, 2010

I just received an interesting question from Karen about teeth cleaning before heart surgery.

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