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By Adam Pick

Mitral Valve Awareness: Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair & Replacement Innovations

Written By: Adam Pick, Patient Advocate, Author & Website Founder
Medical Expert: Howard Herrmann, MD, Director for Interventional Cardiology, Penn Medicine
Published: April 13, 2023

Earlier in Mitral Valve Disease Awareness Week, we shared the “Top 5 Considerations for Mitral Valve Surgery Patients” which addressed the use of new transcatheter mitral valve therapies for non-invasive mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement operations.  These mitral valve therapies require no incision to the patient’s chest and no use of the heart-lung machine.

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Mitral Valve Awareness: The Future of Mitral Valve Therapy

Written By: Adam Pick, Patient Advocate, Author & Website Founder
Medical Expert: Joanna Chikwe, MD, Chief of Cardiac Surgery, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Published: April 16, 2023

Medical advances are rapidly transforming mitral valve disease therapy.  As a result, both surgical and transcatheter techniques are providing mitral valve patients better outcomes and better therapeutic experiences with less pain and discomfort.

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Cardiac Innovation: New Radiopaque Markers on the Epic Plus Tissue Valve

Written By: Adam Pick, Patient Advocate, Author & Website Founder
Published: September 14, 2022

Wow! Double Wow! Triple Wow!

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Cardiologist Q&A: What Should You Know About Heart Valve Clinical Trials in 2022?

Written By: Adam Pick, Patient Advocate, Author & Website Founder
Published: September 7, 2022

In case you missed it… I just posted a very interesting interview transcript with Dr. Samir Kapadia, Chairman of Cardiology at Cleveland Clinic.

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Medical Technology Update: Robotic Mitral Valve Replacement

Written By: Adam Pick, Patient Advocate, Author & Website Founder
Published: July 28, 2022

Technology Update: SternaLock Blu May Bring Faster Healing & Less Pain to Heart Surgery Patients

By Adam Pick on November 13, 2019 - This blog is sponsored by Zimmer Biomet.

For heart surgery patients, one of the scary and dislocating thoughts associated with the operation is… having your sternum broken.

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Clinical Trial Update: Evolut Low Risk TAVR Trial

By Adam Pick on April 25, 2019

If you are interested in the new clinical trial results for low-risk TAVR devices, I just posted a follow-up story to my last article about the PARTNER 3 research study by Edwards Lifesciences.

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Heart Surgery Innovation: Robotic Mitral Valve Surgery Evolves with Percutaneous Cannulation

By Adam Pick on September 11, 2018

There are LOTS of great advances happening in the treatment of heart valve disease.  Many of those technological breakthroughs enable cardiologists and surgeons to perform life-saving procedures with smaller-and-smaller incisions.

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Breakthrough Discovery: INSPIRIS RESILIA Aortic Valve Approved by the FDA

By Adam Pick on August 9, 2018 - This blog is sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences.

In case you missed it…  The INSPIRIS RESILIA heart valve is now available in the United States.  This is an important development for patients who require a more resilient tissue valve for the replacement of their native or prosthetic aortic valve.^

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Technology Update: How Did 4D-MRI Help John Time Bicuspid Valve & Aneurysm Surgery?

By Adam Pick on May 31, 2018

Timing heart valve surgery can be tricky for cardiologists, for surgeons and, ultimately, for patients.  For this reason, doctors and medical device companies are working together to develop next-generation technologies to determine the right time to operate or to continue “watchful waiting”.

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Rigid Sternal Fixation: Top 6 Facts for Patients

By Adam Pick on February 1, 2018

As I personally experienced… Sternal wires are commonly used to support the breast bone as it heals after open heart surgery.  As a community… We have openly discussed the discomfort and pain that can be associated with sternal wires during the healing process.  In fact, several patients in our community have had their sternal wires removed.

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Surgeon Q&A: What About “Valve-in-Valve” Procedures for Small Tissue Valves?

By Adam Pick on November 22, 2017

Given all the recent developments about “Valve-in-Valve” procedures, my inbox is swelling up with questions.  For example, Connie asked me, “I had my aortic valve replaced in 2014.  What are the chances of Valve-in-Valve replacement for smaller sizes such as 21mm Edwards Magna Ease pericardial valve?”

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5 Important Facts About the Heart-Lung Machine

By Adam Pick on September 12, 2017

For most patients needing heart valve surgery, a heart-lung machine is typically used during the operation. As you may know, the heart-lung machine enables the surgeon to stop and cool the heart so the valve can be fixed while the heart is not beating.

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Will 3D Printed Heart Valves Improve Patient Outcomes?

By Adam Pick on August 2, 2017

I can not keep up with all the new advances in heart valve therapy.  In the last 24 hours, I learned about FDA approvals for the Avalus heart valve by Medtronic and the Inspiris Resilia by Edwards Lifesciences.  I also came across a fascinating story about 3D printing and heart valve replacements.

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Project ImaValve: Can A Heart Valve Repair Itself?

By Adam Pick on July 12, 2017

There is an outright explosion of medical advances specific to heart valve devices. In this edition of “Medical Wow!”, I’d like to introduce you to Project ImaValve.

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Big News! FDA Approves SAPIEN 3 For Mitral & Aortic “Valve-In-Valve” Replacement!

By Adam Pick on June 15, 2017

In case you missed it…. There is some BIG NEWS to report. Last week, the SAPIEN 3 received FDA approval for mitral and aortic “Valve-In-Valve” replacement for high-risk patients. As you might remember, we’ve been talking about the wonderful possibilities of Valve-in-Valve techniques for years with doctors, like Dr. Eric Roselli, and patients, like Jesse McBride.

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Technology Update: The “Forgotten Valve” Gets New Feasibility Study!

By Adam Pick on April 19, 2017

We’ve talked about how the tricuspid valve is often referred to as the “forgotten valve” within cardiac care. At the same time, we’ve also learned that the treatment of tricuspid valve regurgitation is on the rise — either as a stand-alone therapy or combined with a mitral valve procedure.

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Technology Update: What Should Patients Know About Transcatheter Mitral Valve Therapy?

By Adam Pick on December 9, 2016

I get a lot of great questions and phone calls about transcatheter mitral valve therapy. So, at the recent Heart Valve Summit, I sat down with Dr. Steven Bolling to help all of us learn the latest updates about transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement technologies.

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What Does Your Aortic Valve Look Like in 3D?

By Adam Pick on October 24, 2016

I’m just getting back from the Heart Valve Summit in Chicago. It’s an amazing conference where hundreds of surgeons, cardiologists, nurses and medical device companies gather to discuss the best practices for heart valve management and therapy.

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