The story of is extraordinary.
This website fills an important gap for patients.

The story of is extraordinary. Adam’s website fills an important gap for patients.

- Dr. Marc Gillinov, Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

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Get Educated. Know What To Expect. Avoid Stress. Enhance Recovery.

- Adam Pick, patient advocate & website founder, featured by the American Heart Association

Welcome to the #1 doctor-recommended website for patients founded by Adam Pick, a heart valve patient.

Get educated, avoid stress and learn what to expect with special resources and tools designed for patients and caregivers.

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Nicole DuPont from
Reno, NV says

My friend died today. She was 46 and her breast cancer metastasized.

Meet Nicole

Robert Thompson from
Watertown, Massachusetts says

Hello everyone, After my AVR surgery in 2012, I started experiencing

Meet Robert

Lisa Purdy from
North York, Canada says

Wow. It’s been a rough ride. Last week I was admitted to hospital

Meet Lisa

Erik Jensen from
Superior, Colorado says

Hi everyone. I was chatting with Carlos (fellow member

Meet Erik

Christi Harrington from
Chico, California says

I am super new to the community and frankly to my diagnosis. I am

Meet Christi

Adam Collins from
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma says

Yesterday, I went in for my pre-op testing, and that all went well. I

Meet Adam

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