The story of is extraordinary.
This website fills an important gap for patients.

The story of is extraordinary. Adam’s website fills an important gap for patients.

- Dr. Marc Gillinov, Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

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Get Educated. Know What To Expect. Avoid Stress. Enhance Recovery.

- Adam Pick, patient advocate & website founder, featured by the American Heart Association

Welcome to the #1 doctor-recommended website for patients founded by Adam Pick, a heart valve patient.

Get educated, avoid stress and learn what to expect with special resources and tools designed for patients and caregivers.

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David Pearl from
Bangkok, Thailand says

Dear All
Hello and good day. I am sending this message to all my

Meet David

Pat Bluemel from
Seattle says

I've tried to talk to a couple friends about this topic but no one

Meet Pat

Michael Lundblad from
Bluffton, SC says

Yes, we made it through, but oh my God, what an ordeal. We Marines

Meet Michael

Jared Takeshita from
Frisco, TX says

Imagine that you’re having a “conversation” with the most

Meet Jared

Ben Brooks from
Kirkland, WA says

Well, yesterday was the surgical consult day. Got me penciled in for

Meet Ben

Nancy W from
San Jose, Ca says

My good energy and optimism was short lived last week. I began to feel

Meet Nancy

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