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From heart valve disease diagnosis to recovery, our community is here for you!

Since 2006, HeartValveSurgery.com has educated over 10 million people about heart valve disease with empowering information from medical experts that specialize in heart valve surgery.

Since 2006, HeartValveSurgery.com has helped over 10 million people manage and treat heart valve disease.

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Patients & Heart Valve Experts Say

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"This website is an amazing educational resource for anyone needing or researching heart valve surgery. The patient community is so supportive and inspiring. I learned a lot and met great people." - Laura Harrington, patient

Dr. Marc Gillinov at Cleveland Clinic

"HeartValveSurgery.com provides compassion, reassurance and connections among patients. This website is a huge contribution to the welfare of patients everywhere." - Dr. Marc Gillinov, Chairman of Cardiac Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

Heart Valve Patient in Hospital

"I was lost until I found HeartValveSurgery.com. At the website, I was able to learn about my valve disease, find my surgeon and get helpful tips from doctors and patients who already had surgery." - Ana Brusso, patient

Patrick McCarthy, MD, at Northwestern University

"My patients never know who to trust on the Internet. I always direct them to HeartValveSurgery.com which only posts credible information." - Dr. Patrick McCarthy, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Northwestern Medicine

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- Adam Pick, patient advocate & website founder, featured by the American Heart Association

Welcome to the #1 doctor-recommended website for patients founded by Adam Pick, a heart valve patient.

Get educated, avoid stress and learn what to expect with special resources and tools designed for patients and caregivers.

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Lynn Loudermilk from
Brillion, WI says

UG, don't want any of this. It doesn't help that he was mom's surgeon

Meet Lynn

Mike Dotson from
San Angelo says

I had my consult with the cardiologist today. Since I'm asymptomatic

Meet Mike

Eric Higgins from
Dumas, Texas says

Feeling good and able to be up and around. Skin glue is intact. Only

Meet Eric

Laurie Gates-Ward from
Waldorf, Maryland says

Welcome to my heart journal! I will be having open heart surgery on

Meet Laurie

Joe Cooper from
New Albany, Indiana says

Hello all. I'm heading in to have my heart catheterization later this

Meet Joe

Elyse Sherman from
Leland, North Carolina says

Had my AVR Surgery by Drs. Unai and Petterrsson rat the Cleveland

Meet Elyse

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