The story of is extraordinary.
This website fills an important gap for patients.

The story of is extraordinary. Adam’s website fills an important gap for patients.

- Dr. Marc Gillinov, Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

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Get Educated. Know What To Expect. Avoid Stress. Enhance Recovery.

- Adam Pick, patient advocate & website founder, featured by the American Heart Association

Welcome to the #1 doctor-recommended website for patients founded by Adam Pick, a heart valve patient.

Get educated, avoid stress and learn what to expect with special resources and tools designed for patients and caregivers.

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Philip Langlois from
Syracuse, NY says

I originally called the Cleveland Clinic back in JULY. If they wanted

Meet Philip

Kate Clark from
Richland, WA says

Hello, fellow ❤️ surgery folks:

Meet Kate

Rosemary Bobicz Creutz

I have a question for anyone who has or had a bicuspid aortic valve.

Meet Rosemary

Heather Brown from
Wheeling says

They had birthday/good luck get together for me at work today. I held

Meet Heather

Meredith Geneja from
Belleville , Canada says

Wondering how others are responding to being on APO-METOPROLOL 25MG (

Meet Meredith

Richard Buckley from

For those of you who are in cardiac rehab or have competed it ....

Meet Richard

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