Facts About AFib

Did you know that patients with heart valve disease are 35% more likely to have Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)?

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AFib & Valve Disease

Learn important facts about AFib from Dr. Jonathan Philpott, a leading heart surgeon.

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How's AFib Treated?

See how atrial fibrillation is treated using the Maze procedure in this video.

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Linda's Story

Get inspired by the AFib patient success story of Linda Staples from Indiana.

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Find Specialists

Research leading cardiac centers that specialize in AFib and valve disease.

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AFib & Valve Disease

AFib News

  • Video: Learn about the Maze Procedure for patients with AFib during heart valve surgery.

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  • Special Interview: Dr. James Cox explains the evolution of the Maze Procedure for AFib treatment.

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  • FDA Approval: Atricure receives the first and only FDA approval for surgical AFib treatment.

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AFib Success Stories