Non-Invasive Heart Valve Repair Using A Robot

By Adam Pick - Patient, Author & Founder

Heart valve surgeons are now routinely performing videoscopic minimally invasive heart mitral valve repair surgery, also known as non-invasive heart valve repair.

Performed through a two-inch keyhole incision on the side of the chest, this approach avoids an incision in the breastbone and is intended to allow patients to return to work and everyday activity sooner after surgery.

How Does Non-Invasive Heart Valve Repair Differ From Traditional Heart Valve Repair?

Traditional mitral valve repairs involve cutting open the breastbone to repair the heart valve. Now, many cardiothoracic surgeons are offering a new, minimally invasive option known as videoscopic minimally invasive mitral valve repair. Robotic techniques have been pioneered by companies including Da Vinci Surgical Systems.

The procedure is performed through a two-inch keyhole incision on the right side of the chest. This approach avoids an incision in the breastbone, and allows patients to recover much faster - two to four weeks.


Other advantages of videoscopic minimally invasive mitral valve repair include a lower likelihood of receiving a blood transfusion, and earlier discharge from the hospital. Also, reports suggest there is a lower risk of infection using the non-invasive heart valve repair. However, this procedure is not suitable for all patients with heart valve disorders.

I recently interviewed Dr. Tom Mihaljevic about his clinical experience with the robot for his patients needing mitral valve surgery at The Cleveland Clnic. Here is part of our discussion:

The Maryland Heart Center performed one of the first videoscopic repairs in the Mid-Atlantic region, and is one of the leaders in surgical and medical treatment of mitral valve heart disease which can produce several heart valve problems from an abnormal mitral valve.

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Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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