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By Adam Pick

Heart Surgery Patients Unite By A Mexican Pool!

By Adam Pick on April 5, 2018

An unexpected gift just occurred in my life.

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Today Is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day!

By Adam Pick on February 22, 2018

Woo-Whoo!!  Double Woo-Whoo!!  Triple Woo-Whoo!!

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Thursday Is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day!

By Adam Pick on February 19, 2018

Mark your calendars!  This Thursday, February 22, 2018, is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day!

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Top 10 Heart Valve Stories of 2017

By Adam Pick on December 29, 2017

Yay! 2017 was another AMAZING year for our community!

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12 Years Later, I’m Still Tickin’

By Adam Pick on December 21, 2017

It’s hard to believe… 12 years ago…

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Congrats to the American Heart Association for Saving 1.7 Million Lives!!!

By Adam Pick on November 22, 2017

There is one statistic about heart disease that makes me very uncomfortable and very sad. Here it is…  Heart disease is responsible for 1 out of 3 deaths among women. Imagine that? Shocking, right?

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The Pick Family Expands… By Four Feet!!!

By Adam Pick on November 22, 2017

I have some great and fun news to share with our community!  The Pick family has expanded by four feet.  That’s right.  I am happy to introduce you to Bodie Pick, our new 16-week old puppy.  He also goes by “BoBo”, “Bear” and “Bodiferous”.

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Thanks For The 99% Recommendation Rating!

By Adam Pick on October 24, 2017

I wanted to take a moment to thank the patients and the caregivers who recently completed our online survey about  I really appreciate you taking the time to provide your honest feedback about the things I’m doing to educate and to empower the people in our community.

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Website Update: New Security Features Go Live!

By Adam Pick on October 14, 2017

I get lots of excellent questions about heart valve disease from our patient community. And, I do my best to answer those questions to help educate and empower people just like you.

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