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Over 3,000 Heart Valve Patient Surveys Completed! Thank You!

By Adam Pick on April 28, 2020

Thanks to the AMAZING patients in our community!!!!

Because of you, I am happy to report that over 3,000 patients completed the Heart Valve Patient Survey during the last four days.

This community of wonderful people continues to inspire me as we share our experiences, support each other and help future patients along our collective journey to healthy hearts


Adam Pick Holding Thank You Sign for Patient Survey Completion


Again, thank you!!!

Keep on tickin!


Take the Heart Valve Patient Survey!!!

By Adam Pick on April 23, 2020

[April 30, 2020 Update:  Thanks to the wonderful patients at this community, we collected over 3,000 survey responses in four days.  Please stay tuned for the posting of results to this survey.  You can subscribe to my blog to get the results here.]

Hi Patients!

Can I ask you a quick favor?  To help future patients, I want to learn more about the heart valve disease experiences of people like you.  That said, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Survey Request for Heart Valve Patients


In advance, thanks so much for your help on this survey!

I really appreciate it!

Keep on tickin!

After Heart Surgery, Frank Wins Pickleball Silver Medal At National Championships

By Adam Pick on April 15, 2020

I love when patients in our community send me their success stories.  For example, Frank Collura just brought a smile to my face.  Here’s what Frank emailed me:

About 5 years ago, I had my aortic valve replaced with a pig valve. I was 78 years old.  At the time of surgery, I was playing full-court basketball with a middle-aged group of guys at my church.  I had been playing with them for about 10 years, 3 times a week.  I was very upset at the prospect of not being able to play competitive basketball after heart surgery.


Frank Collura, Heart Valve Patient & Pickleball ChampionFrank Collura (Aortic Valve Replacement Patient)


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Sternum Wires: Can I Get an MRI After Heart Surgery? What About Chest Wire Removal?

By Adam Pick on April 13, 2020

I just received two excellent questions about sternum wires and heart surgery from Kelly and Bob.

  • Kelly asked me, “Can sternum wires cause issues with other medical procedures? I am attempting to get an MRI and the technician is concerned about the metal in my body.”
  • Bob asked me, “It’s one year after surgery. I still have pain in my chest. It hurts constantly. I want to have the wires taken out. Is that possible? If so, what’s involved?”

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“What About Aortic Valve Replacement Failure, TAVR & Sternum Pain?” asks Mike

By Adam Pick on April 10, 2020

This is wonderful and a bit unexpected!

Yesterday, I featured Mike Czaplewski’s post in our email newsletter.  As you will see below, Mike is struggling with an early failure of his aortic valve replacement and sternum pain. In his post, Mike asked for help and support from the members of our community.


Mike Czaplewski & Dr. Marc Gerdisch


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Abbott, a Leading Heart Valve Manufacturer, Develops New 5-Minute COVID-19 Test

By Adam Pick on April 7, 2020

Big news!

I am happy to report that Abbott, a leading manufacturer of heart valve replacement and repair devices, has developed a new, rapid molecular test that can detect COVID-19 in just 5 minutes.  Yes, just 5 minutes!!!

This is a HUGE improvement compared to other coronavirus tests that can take several days to get positive or negative results.



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Medtronic Doubles Ventilator Production to Help COVID-19 Patients!

By Adam Pick on March 27, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic surges past 921,000 worldwide cases, I need to thank Medtronic for doubling its ventilator production to help patients suffering from the novel coronavirus.



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In These Difficult Times… John & Larry Inspire Us

By Adam Pick on March 21, 2020

During these challenging times of uncertainty, confusion and disbelief caused by COVID-19, I was lucky to just experience an unexpected and inspirational moment thanks to John Roland and Larry Manshel.


John Roland & Larry Manshel (Heart Valve Patients)

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COVID-19 Surgeon Roundtable: An International Perspective

By Adam Pick on March 20, 2020

If you are curious to know what leading heart surgeons are saying about COVID-19, you may want to watch this insightful video series, “COVID-19: An International Perspective”.



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5 Reasons We Are “Social Distancing” to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

By Adam Pick on March 17, 2020

I’m not a “doomsdayer”.  I’m not a pessimist.  And, I’m not a hoarder.

However… Since last Thursday, Robyn (my wife), Ethan (my son), and I have done our best to stay home as much as possible.



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Patient Webinar Postponed: Advances in Bicuspid Aortic Valve Treatment

By Adam Pick on March 11, 2020

March 16, 2020 Webinar Update: Given the recent developments specific to COVID-19, we will need to postpone our webinar, “Advances in Bicuspid Aortic Valve Therapy” that was scheduled for this Wednesday, March 18.  I will send you a follow-up email with the new day and time once I know those details.


Great news!

I’m happy to announce that our LIVE and FREE patient education events will continue next Wednesday, March 18, with a special “Advances in Bicuspid Aortic Valve Treatment” webinar.  Featured speakers include Dr. Chris Malaisrie, cardiac surgeon and co-director of the Bicuspid Aortic Valve Program at Northwestern Medicine, and Dr. Jyothy Puthumana, cardiologist and co-director of the Bicuspid Aortic Valve Program at Northwestern Medicine.



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New Patient Resource: Coronavirus, COVID-19 & Heart Disease

By Adam Pick on March 7, 2020

Over the past few weeks, I have received several important questions about coronavirus, COVID-19 and heart valve disease.  For that reason, I just started a new educational resource dedicated to the coronavirus at this link.

Considering that we are learning more-and-more about COVID-19 every day, my hope is that this new resource will be continually updated with answers to your questions by leading doctors who specialize in infection control, cardiology and heart surgery.  Ultimately, the goal of this page is to educate and empower you specific to the management and treatment of heart valve disease given the spread of COVID-19.



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10-Year Heart Surgery Anniversary Reunion in Florida!

By Adam Pick on February 27, 2020

My heart warms anytime the patients in our community connect in person.  I love seeing their smiling faces.  I love seeing their hugs.  I love knowing that their friendships continue into the future as their valve disease fades to the past.



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We Raise Heart Valve Disease Awareness to 596,000 People in One Day!

By Adam Pick on February 27, 2020

Amazing!  Double Amazing!  Triple Amazing!

I am happy to report that the community united and rallied like never before on National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day.  Thanks to your 5,000+ social media shares of this public service announcement, we reached over 596,000 people in just twenty-four hours last Saturday.



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Today Is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day!!!

By Adam Pick on February 22, 2020

Woo-Whoo!!! Today is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day! Let’s join together to raise awareness to this under-diagnosed, under-treated and deadly form of heart disease!!!

To get started… Here are several amazing men and women in our community who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of healthy heart valves.


Dr. Ismail El-Hamamsy (Mount Sinai Hospital) & Adam Pick


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“Ask Adam Anything” Videos Posted from the Heart Valve Society Conference!

By Adam Pick on February 20, 2020

Great news!  As we continue to celebrate “Heart Month”, I am very happy to share that the Facebook LIVE videos from the “Ask Adam Anything” patient event have been posted below!



As you might recall… These Facebook LIVE sessions were filmed in direct response to patient questions submitted at, our Facebook Page and by email.  In total, I received over 150 patient questions about heart valve disease.   

To answer your questions,  I met with world-renowned surgeons, cardiologists and researchers at the Heart Valve Society Conference in Abu Dhabi.  Our expert panel included Dr. Rakesh Suri (Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi), Dr. Martin Leon (Columbia University), Dr. Vinod Thourani (Piedmont Health), Dr. Hanneke Takkenberg (Erasmus University), Dr. Marc Gillinov (Cleveland Clinic), and Dr. James Thomas (Northwestern Medicine).

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Get Your Questions Answered on Facebook LIVE at the Heart Valve Society Conference!!!

By Adam Pick on February 13, 2020

You’ve got questions!  Let me get the answers!

That’s right.  Simply email me your questions about heart valve disease and/or treatment. I’ll get them answered by expert surgeons and cardiologists at the Heart Valve Society Conference during our Facebook LIVE sessions this Saturday. You can email your questions to or post your questions below.


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After Massive Heart Attack, Mitral Regurgitation Diagnosis & MitraClip, David Dances Again!

By Adam Pick on February 6, 2020

First, he suffered a massive heart attack.  Then, he was diagnosed with severe mitral regurgitation.  He struggled to breathe. He was afraid.

Then… David Lugo, a father and mechanic from Chicago, heard about the COAPT clinical trial offered at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  This unique research study investigated how the MitraClip could help patients like David.  This is his story.



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“Can Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Hurt My New Heart Valve Replacement?” asks Toni

By Adam Pick on February 6, 2020

Toni just sent me a very important question about breast cancer, radiation therapy and heart valve replacements.  Toni asked me, “Hi Adam – I have an artificial mitral valve.  I just found out that I have breast cancer.  Will radiation hurt my new valve replacement? Thanks, Toni”



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