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Thanks For The 99% Recommendation Rating!

I wanted to take a moment to thank the patients and the caregivers who recently completed our online survey about  I really appreciate you taking the time to provide your honest feedback about the things I’m doing to educate and to empower the people in our community.

Your feedback was extraordinary.  And, your ideas will be used to enhance our community and shape our educational content going forward.  I really enjoyed learning about the content you find valuable, the media formats you prefer, and the types of topics you would like addressed in the future.

I would also like to thank you for the positive response to the question, “Would you recommend to a patient?”.  As you might imagine, I’m always nervous when I see the response to this question.  I was overwhelmed to see that 99% of you answered “Yes” to this question.  Yay!


As always, thanks for your support and encouragement specific to this project! Once again, you have made my day, my week, my month, my year!

Keep on tickin!

Surgeon Q&A: What Should Patients Know About Mitral Valve Repair Rings?

At the recent “Ask Me Anything” session at the Heart Valve Summit in Chicago, I received a great question from Maria about heart valve repair rings (also known as annuloplasty rings). Maria wrote to me, “Hi, Adam, two questions. Could you please ask the surgeons about annuloplasty rings, and which styles  and brands have the best track record for long-term effectiveness following a mitral valve repair surgery? Thanks! Maria”

To answer this question, I was very fortunate to interview Dr. Steve Bolling from Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, MI.  So you know, Dr. Bolling is a mitral valve repair guru who performs about 350 mitral procedures a year. That said, Dr. Bolling was the perfect person to answer Maria’s question. Here’s what Dr. Bolling shared with me.



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Website Update: New Security Features Go Live!

I get lots of excellent questions about heart valve disease from our patient community. And, I do my best to answer those questions to help educate and empower people just like you.

Recently, I’ve received a different type of excellent question specific to our website. That question is, “Is secure?”



The simple answer to this question is “Yes”.  This website is designed to be secure.  The long answer to this question is much more complex.  That said, I wanted to share with you several updates specific to the security that protects you, our community and the information shared at this website.

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Ask Adam Anything LIVE at the Heart Valve Summit!!!

If you have questions about heart valve disease and treatment… Let me get the answers for you from the world’s leading cardiologists and surgeons!!!

That’s right.  Send me your questions now and I’ll get them answered LIVE at the Heart Valve Summit in Chicago this Thursday, October 5!

Submit your questions right now at our Facebook Page or in the comments section below.



Looking forward to answering your questions LIVE at the Heart Valve Summit!

Keep on tickin!

Unexpected! We’re #3 On FeedSpot’s Top Heart Blogs!

This is completely unexpected!  I just learned that ranks #3 in FeedSpot’s Top Heart Blogs for 2017. What an honor!

Personally, I was amazed to see that we ranked above 71 well-known and prestigious websites including the American Heart Association, Medical News Today, the British Heart Foundation, Google News and Unbelievable!



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