last post from this side
Journal posted on May 22, 2012
Last post until I am on the other side (assuming no delays). Gloria should be updating here tomorrow but don't fret if she doesn't. I don't know if the hospital has wifi or if she will be able to do it from her phone. Hopefully she will be get some good photos to upload as well.

Reading about everyone's progress has been great, especially everyones stories of returning home. Even thought I haven't responded to every comment, I have read and appreciate all of them.

Anyways, I love you all (family, friends and HVJ friends) and appreciate everyones prayers and thoughts.
Journal posted on May 22, 2012
Going in at 5am tomorrow, I think that means I am first up.
One day to go
Journal posted on May 22, 2012
Pre-op is done and I guess I am ready to go tomorrow.

Had a nice weekend hiking Old Rag and playing soccer last night (I guess its all weekend for a while). Looking forward to doing both again in the fall.

About to head to the airport to pick up my dad. Going to have a full house tonight.

I'm not even there yet but I already can't wait to get home from the hospital.
I may be having heart surgery next week but
Journal posted on May 18, 2012
I still got up the hill on 15th street on my bike with (relative) ease. Can't wait to make it back up in 6 or so months

Finish my temporary last day of work today really makes this feel real. Sort of the end of my standard routine. Hiking Old Rag this weekend should be great though.
stuffed up
Journal posted on May 18, 2012
5 days until surgery and I may be coming down with a mild cold. Anyone have any experience with this?

In other news, the weather couldn't have been better for bike to work day.
Bike to Work
Journal posted on May 16, 2012
My last day of work before surgery is Friday, which is Bike to work day in DC. I do not bike to work as often as I would like but I plan on it Friday.

I am excited for the weekend. Going to Hike Old Rag and it should be easier than 'hiking' up the hill at the end of my block the following weekend.

Last night Gloria and I watched the pre-surgery DVD, which I can only hope was from 1992 since I don't have a walkman.
Surgery moved to Wednesday the 23rd
Journal posted on May 14, 2012
Surgery just got moved to Wednesday the 23. At least that means I will not have a problem playing in my soccer game on the 21st.
questions for people with mechanical valves
Journal posted on May 11, 2012
I have a few questions for people with mechanical valves and limitations after I recover. It is likely that I will need a mechanical valve and be on coumadin.

A few things I am worried about not being able to do or being limited in and would appreciate any input from people with mechanical valves

- shaving, I shave with a safety razor and get small cuts occasionally
-drinking on occasion
-dietary, I eat a lot of leafy greens
-riding my bike (in the city), soccer, etc...

There were others, but I am drawing a blank. hopefully I get this thing repaired and don't have to worry about but, but if not...
Journal posted on May 9, 2012
Surgery is scheduled for May 22, wow that is so soon.
Getting ready for surgery (mentally)
Journal posted on May 8, 2012
Hey everyone,

I just met with my Surgeon, Dr. Bafi at Washington Hospital Center, yesterday and the meeting went pretty well. I am looking to have surgery on May 22 or June 5 and weighing my options, but leaning towards the 22nd (sorry Sam & Matt, and maybe Gabe & Megan). I am hoping he can repair my valve but if not he will be replacing it with a mechanical valve since I am 26 a biological valve doesn't seem like a great option.

I am doing okay mentally, sad that I am going to miss most of the soccer season (my first organized soccer league since I was 10 or so) and most of the softball season (maybe I will catch the tail end in august?).

Thanks to all my friends and family for the support, you have all been wonderful. A lot of people are asking what they can do to help, if you are in DC the best thing for me I think will be visiting and keeping my company while I am stuck at home recovering.

I would like to thank work, and everyone I work with as well, you have all been great.

I will try and post more soon, just thought I would get this thing rolling.