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Webinar Announced: "When Is The Right Time To Have Heart Valve Surgery?" on November 12

Great news! I am super excited to announce that Dr. Robert Bonow, past president of the ... Read more

Here we go by Linda Hillman

What a trip this has been. I never thought for one minute that I would be ... Read more

4 Cutting Edge Apps to Monitor Your Heart Health

Not that long ago, people who underwent heart valve or other cardiovascular surgery had to... Read more

Back in the hospital by Erica Eberl

I'm back in the hospital due to a staph infection in my sternum incision ... Read more

"What About Atrial Fibrillation & Aortic Valve Disease?" asks Robert

As we learned in our recent post, Atrial Fibrillation: 5 Facts Valve Patients Should Know... Read more

Whoowee It's Day 14 by John Noriega

It is now two weeks since my surgery. I kept looking for that truck full of... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Why Do I Need An Angiogram Before Heart Valve Surgery?" asks John

I recently saw a great question posted at John's heart valve journal. So you know, John is... Read more

Update by Tammy Pilcher

We got to see her,we couldn't believe the vent tube was already out and she... Read more

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