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4 Hobbies to Make You Happy After Surgery

Now is the time to maximize your longevity and invigorate your vitality by finding ... Read more

TAVR for my mom and cousin's aortic aneurysm dissection by Carol Jackson

Just an update about my family. My mom was diagnosed 2 months ago with ... Read more

Consumer Reports Releases 400 Hospital Rankings for Heart Surgery

Finding a great surgeon and experienced cardiac center is beyond critical for patients ... Read more

"Living With A THANKful Heart by Kimberly Goodloe

When I was discharged from the hospital after my second surgery ( February ... Read more

Free eBook: Download “Timing Heart Valve Surgery” by Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Bonow & Me

Amazing!!! Last week, over 150 patients connected live during our special webinar, "Timing... Read more

Meeting the surgeon by Lynne Jeffreys

Writing my lists of questions for the BIG appointment on Nov 26th. I have a... Read more

On Veteran's Day... We Salute Ray Tollefson, A World War II Hero & TAVR Recipient

On a day when we honor the people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, I wanted to ... Read more

one more thought tammi by Steven A Husted

there is not 100% that mech. valve will not fail i have read where they ... Read more

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