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Free eBook: What are the Latest Advances in Transcatheter Heart Valve Therapy

Great news! Our webinar, “Advances in Transcatheter Heart Valve Surgery", was amazing! ... Read more

Let's Do This by Stephen Phayre

I've posted an update to my blog: Read more

CDC Update: What Should You Know About Heater Cooler Machines, Infections & Heart Surgery

In case you missed it... There was a very important CDC update recently that addressed a ... Read more

day one of recovery by Elliott Brunner

In the ICU recovering, my wife and son and visiting. Have some hypervolemia... Read more

What Does Your Aortic Valve Look Like in 3D

I'm just getting back from the Heart Valve Summit in Chicago. It's an amazing conference ... Read more

Bob New Heart Day by Bob Brehm

Pun intended. Loved the Bob Newhart show too! Well next Monday is Bob New... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: Can an Aortic Valve Replacement Fit in the Mitral Position

I just received a great question from Dorothy about heart valve replacements. Dorothy ... Read more

MRSA Treatment by Ray Farmer

Hospital needed to give me 5 day MRSA treatment, surgery still planned for ... Read more

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