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Let's Connect at the Bicuspid Aortic Valve Conference in Chicago Next Tuesday

Great news! Next Tuesday, September 16, I'll be speaking at the "Bicuspid Aortic Valve -- ... Read more

Finished the First 40 hour Week by Michael Meyer

Nice to be back at work. Continuing rehab and getting stronger. ... Read more

Tai Chi: The Ideal Exercise Option for Heart Surgery Patients

Doctors perform more than five million heart surgeries every year in the U.S., according ... Read more

Slow but sure by kelly stevens

Ive not posted for a few weeks for one reason or another but those having ... Read more

Moving forward by John Noriega

Received a call from my cardiologist this afternoon. He is going to move up... Read more

In Memory of Robin Williams, Oscar Winning Actor & Fellow Heart Valve Patient

Just last week, I was talking to Paul, my neighbor, about our 'Top 5 Actors' of all time... Read more

Count down on by Joseph Ballett

Just waiting for the call, hope i picked the right valve (cow) changed my ... Read more

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