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Free Webinar eBook & Video: “What Should You Know About Heart Valves & Atrial

Great news. If you missed our recent webinar, “What Should You Know About Heart Valves... Read more

Cake, Cake and More Cake by Emily Rowley

I had a wonderful 21st Birthday... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Does One Valve Surgery Lead To Another?" asks Melanie

At the awesome Heart Valve Summit, I received a bunch of great questions for our 'Ask Me ... Read more

Preparing for Surgury by Robert Frederick

I am preparing for a Robotic Mitral Valve repair at Princeton Baptist ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "When Should The Mitral Valve Be Repaired?" asks Pamela

For our next 'Ask Me Anything' video from the Heart Valve Summit, we're going to answer a ... Read more

One Week To Go by Gregg Nissly

God willing, one week from now I will be out of surgery and on the road to ... Read more

Webinar Announced: "What Should You Know About Heart Valves & Atrial Fibrillation?" on

As 35% of patients with heart valve disease are more likely to have atrial fibrillation, I... Read more

5 Days out by Mindy Currence

I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving! Life is great in SC... Read more

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