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"What About Sternal Nonunion After Heart Surgery?" asks John

I just received a great question from John about sternal clicking after open heart surgery... Read more

Post Op Day 8 by Damian Kudelka

Well yesterday I walked in total 800 ft plus 4 flights of steps (45 steps... Read more

Free Webinar eBook & Video: “Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery and Valve Management

Great news. If you missed our recent webinar, "Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery; Plus, ... Read more

Two weeks and change by Pat Bluemel

Thursday was my 14 day post op mark, so today is day 16, I can't believe ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Is it Possible to Remove the Calcium From My Bicuspid Aortic Valve?" asks

I just received a great question from Rachel about calcium build-up on bicuspid aortic ... Read more

Heart catheterization by Debra Comstock

i forgot to mention the good news. Rick has no major blockages and his ... Read more

Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Heart Surgery Patients

For centuries, people have used water as a way to calm and de-stress the body, relieve ... Read more

Day 13: Discharge To Home by Jim Kelly-Evans

My stamina all of a sudden leaped to the point where I can walk a lot and ... Read more

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