Latest News & Patient Updates

Weill Cornell Medicine Launches Heart Valve Microsite

I am very excited to announce that Weill Cornell Medicine (Weill Cornell) just launched ... Read more

Fever for ten days after heart valve surgery by Maritza Krupp

My husband had a mechanical valve implanted on May 16, 2017. Since then he ... Read more

Cardio Rehab Begins by Larry Ring

Since my cardioversion over a month ago (dang...I didn't realize it was ... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His Newborn Son's Heart Valve Surgery

As a dad... As a heart valve patient... I need to say "Thank You!" to Jimmy Kimmel for ... Read more

Heart Cath schedule by Darlene Sorensen

I got my pre-cath phone call today. It is scheduled for 7am on Tuesday, ... Read more

Technology Update: The "Forgotten Valve" Gets New Feasibility Study

We've talked about how the tricuspid valve is often referred to as the "forgotten valve" ... Read more

Blood thinners by Sasha Saldana

For those with a mechanical valve, when were you required to start taking ... Read more

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