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10 Years & 3 Heart Procedures Later, Paul Celebrates His Transcatheter Mitral "Valve-in-

At the age of 57, Paul Powers had actively pursued a healthy mitral valve for the past 10 ... Read more

Almost 3 years by Daryl McCallum

I have been absent for quit awhile and I'm coming up to my 3 year ... Read more

Doctor Q&A: When Can I Return to Normal Activity After Heart Surgery

It is one of the best and most common questions I receive from patients. That fantastic ... Read more

Post surgery day 10 by Hayden Pomeranz

So today has been 10 days since the day of my surgery. I came home Tuesday... Read more

Top 10 Heart Valve Stories of 2016

Yay!!! 2016 was another AMAZING year for our community... Read more

Today is my anniversary by Penny McIntosh

7 years ago today I was in surgery but is seems much longer and the ... Read more

12 Great Questions To Ask Your Heart Surgeon

A brilliant question I often receive from patients is, "What should I ask my surgeon when ... Read more

Here we go by Matthew Russo

5.15am. Just about to head off to the hospital. Prayers and thoughts with ... Read more

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