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4 Hobbies to Make You Happy After Surgery

Now is the time to maximize your longevity and invigorate your vitality by finding ... Read more

one more thought tammi by Steven A Husted

there is not 100% that mech. valve will not fail i have read where they ... Read more

Consumer Reports Releases 400 Hospital Rankings for Heart Surgery

Finding a great surgeon and experienced cardiac center is beyond critical for patients ... Read more

Thank you by Cleo Ndaliani

I want to give my gratitude to Adam and the lovely people who I have been ... Read more

Free eBook: Download “Timing Heart Valve Surgery” by Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Bonow & Me

Amazing!!! Last week, over 150 patients connected live during our special webinar, "Timing... Read more

Earthquakes by Virginia (Ginger) French

I failed to mention the two earthquakes that have shaken the Heartland in ... Read more

On Veteran's Day... We Salute Ray Tollefson, A World War II Hero & TAVR Recipient

On a day when we honor the people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, I wanted to ... Read more

bystolic by Clare Auten

Does anyone else take bystolic? I am being told it is on backorder by my ... Read more

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