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What Happened When 100 Patients & Caregivers Met for "Patient Day 2016" at Edwards

Something special recently happened. More than 100 patients and their care partners ... Read more

Echo Results - Everything looking good by Steven Dean

Just got back from the cardiologist. My sternum is healed and my echo ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: What's The Difference Between Primary & Secondary Mitral Regurgitation

At the recent American Association for Thoracic Surgery meeting in Baltimore, I was very ... Read more

Stomach issues remain worrisome by Catie B

Met with gastroenterologist today. A chunk of the appointment time got ... Read more

Technology Update: Exceptional Hemodynamics & More Earn Trifecta GT FDA Approval; 7 Facts

In case you missed it… The Trifecta Valve with Glide Technology (Trifecta GT) just ... Read more

The time is winding down by Shandra Boyd

The past week has been kinda rough because I came down with a cold. I mean... Read more

WVU Medicine Launches Heart Valve Microsite

I am very excited to announce that WVU Medicine just launched a Heart Valve Microsite at... Read more

Postponed again by Roseline Rosario

Dr sitting on fence because of some residual phlegm. X-ray is clear but ... Read more

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