Latest News & Patient Updates

Weill Cornell Medicine Launches Heart Valve Microsite

I am very excited to announce that Weill Cornell Medicine (Weill Cornell) just launched ... Read more

INR stabilisation by Andria Pugh

Just wondering how long it takes to get your INR stable, my INR range is ... Read more

HOME by Stephen Reeve

Day 4 and I am home. I was doing good. No complications. Let me go home... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His Newborn Son's Heart Valve Surgery

As a dad... As a heart valve patient... I need to say "Thank You!" to Jimmy Kimmel for ... Read more

How long to lose fluid weight by Barbara Wood

I made it through surgery ( mitral valve repair & maze procedure)- surgery ... Read more

Technology Update: The "Forgotten Valve" Gets New Feasibility Study

We've talked about how the tricuspid valve is often referred to as the "forgotten valve" ... Read more

Debby Ryan by Debby Morgeson

I am a 59 year old that found out I had a bicuspid valve four years ago. ... Read more

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