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Patient Week Finale: In the Dominican Republic, Dionicio Gets a "Second Chance" at Life

We're excited to wrap up our first “Patient Success Week” with a story of hope... Read more

Valuable Lessons by Jeanette Davidson

I am so thankful that I had my stroke recovery. I learned a lot of hard ... Read more

Patient Success Week: Thanks to Her Dad's Memory, Sophie Got the Screening & Treatment She

After the unfortunate loss of her dad to a heart attack, Sophie Marsh decided it was time ... Read more

Keep on, keepin on by Morgan Braddon-Walker

About 11 weeks out. Each week is an improvement. My night time sleeping is ... Read more

Patient Success Week: After Fainting & Aortic Valve Surgery, Laurence Gets Back to Pick-Up

As "2015 Patient Success Week" continues, I think it's a great time to address an ... Read more

New surgery date by Jackie Owens

Due to some odd heart rhythms seen on a halter monitor, my surgeon moved my... Read more

Patient Success Week: Tammy Pilcher & Cris Dykeman, Our Community Rockstars

I'll admit it. I love our community. I love seeing patients inspire each other. I love ... Read more

Turning Point by Dan D.

I’m 11 weeks from surgery and feeling more “normal” than ever. Next ... Read more

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