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Minneapolis Heart Institute Launches Heart Valve Microsite

I am very excited to announce that the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern ... Read more

Am I being too nervous by Autumn Griffin

I was on this site last night and my husband told me I was focusing too ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Is It Common for Heart Valve Patients to Need an Aortic Aneurysm Fix?" asks

I just received great questions from Patty about heart valve disease and aortic aneurysms... Read more

My aortic valve replacement journal by Debbie Norris

Yesterday I set the date for my surgery and then I immediately changed my ... Read more

Patient Update: After Four Emergency Room Visits, Nina Finally Gets A TAVR

Nina Bamford was taken to the emergency room four times due to symptoms including ... Read more

Can't get my hematocrit up by Janea Christensen

My surgery was postponed a month because of low hematocrit. I have spent ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "What's the Latest Research About Less Invasive Aortic Valve Surgery

I get a lot of questions about aortic valve surgery. Lately, my inbox has swollen with ... Read more

Released good progress by Janice Powell

Ok I went to see my surgeon today and he released me back to my regular ... Read more

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