Latest News & Patient Updates

Another fright ... fedup by kelly stevens

Was not too bad after I got up went out got a few bits from tesco nothing ... Read more

In Memory of Robin Williams, Oscar Winning Actor & Fellow Heart Valve Patient

Just last week, I was talking to Paul, my neighbor, about our 'Top 5 Actors' of all time... Read more

Surgery September by Debbie cross

Surgery is September 12,Northwestern,Chicago. Dr.Bonow and his fellow Dr.... Read more

"Will An Enlarged Aorta Return to Normal Size After Bicuspid Aortic Valve Replacement?"

I just received several excellent questions from Mary about bicuspid aortic valve ... Read more

Four Year Anniversary and life is GOOD by Jerry H

Four years ago today I got my second chance at life. So, the crib note ... Read more

"What About Child Birth for Patients with Bicuspid Aortic Valves and Dilated Roots?" Asks

I recently received a great question from Elaine about child birth, heart valve disorders ... Read more

Pre-Op Surgery Meeting by Michael Poe

I had my pre-op surgery meeting today. Today because Monday is a holiday ... Read more

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