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Ask Me Anything #2: "Is the MitraClip Close to Being a Standardized Procedure?" asks

For our second "Ask Me Anything" video from the Mitral Conclave conference, we're going ... Read more

24 days until AVR by Julie McDonald-Lundgren

This waiting is really getting the best of me...I know I'm am prepared and ... Read more

Not feeling well? Symptoms by Tammy VanBuskirk

Hi everyone, haven't had a chance to be here for a while. Been busy getting... Read more

Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. David Adams, Mitral Valve Expert, Harnesses Education to Improve

In 2009, after launching the Surgeon Finder, my inbox quickly filled-up with patient ... Read more

Setting Up Pre-Op Tests by Jeanette Davidson

Went to Holy Cross Hospital today ,where I will be having my surgery , to ... Read more

"If My Aortic Aneurysm Needs Fixing, Can You Save My Aortic Valve?" asks Ishmael

Many patients with valvular issues -- especially bicuspid aortic valves -- also have ... Read more

Baselines by Robyn Tatu

3:30 PM Thursday 5/28... Read more

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