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So Sorry! Please Accept An Instant 35% Discount On My Book

I am so sorry that we ran out of paperback copies of my book, The Patient's Guide To Heart... Read more

Feeling better by Don Taylor

I am two days away from the two week anniversary of my surgery. Last night... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: What Are My Heart Valve Replacement Options? (Plus, 3 Patient Stories

A common question I receive from patients who can not have their valves repaired is, "... Read more

I'm sorry you have to go through this by Rita Savelis

When I was waiting to have OHS, many friends (and family members, ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Is Heart Valve Disease Genetic?" asks Sue

A great question from Sue came in regarding genetics and heart valve disease. She asked me... Read more

What really matters by Priscila Marino

Having fun with my girls is what keeps me going.... Thoughts and prayers ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Can TAVR Be Used for a Bicuspid Aortic Valve & Aneurysm?" asks Valerie

Valerie sent me a GREAT question about transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR), ... Read more

Having Trouble Sorting Out Symptoms by Martha Hutcheson

I have a genetic medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is ... Read more

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