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Ask Me Anything #2: "Is the MitraClip Close to Being a Standardized Procedure?" asks

For our second "Ask Me Anything" video from the Mitral Conclave conference, we're going ... Read more

Day before surgery by Wendy Brown

I am schedule Friday may 29, 2015 .. Tommorrow for aortic valve replacement... Read more

Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. David Adams, Mitral Valve Expert, Harnesses Education to Improve

In 2009, after launching the Surgeon Finder, my inbox quickly filled-up with patient ... Read more

Four weeks post-op update by Kenneth Cole

Funny, every day is different, some better than others, most are very good... Read more

"If My Aortic Aneurysm Needs Fixing, Can You Save My Aortic Valve?" asks Ishmael

Many patients with valvular issues -- especially bicuspid aortic valves -- also have ... Read more

Realistically . . . what's a day in the life like post-op by Joe __

Heading into surgery on June 15th. Still freaked out of my mind, but ... Read more

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