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Doctor Q&A: When Can I Return to Normal Activity After Heart Surgery

It is one of the best and most common questions I receive from patients. That fantastic ... Read more

Post OP Recovery by James Johnson

Mon. Feb.20--post op + 3 weeks: the first 10 days at home after surgery ... Read more

Top 10 Heart Valve Stories of 2016

Yay!!! 2016 was another AMAZING year for our community... Read more

Heading back to Ohio by Phyllis Petersen

But not for any heart issues. My uncle died on Wednesday. I'm so glad I was... Read more

12 Great Questions To Ask Your Heart Surgeon

A brilliant question I often receive from patients is, "What should I ask my surgeon when ... Read more

Fluid retention overnight, itchy skin by Louise Bevan

Off to cardiologist again today finally and hoping for some answers or at ... Read more

At the Marathon Finish Line, Phil Held This Up

A BIG question patients ask me prior to heart valve surgery is, "Will I be able to do ... Read more

Post op day 3 by Hayden Pomeranz

So today is post op day 3. I'll be honest the pat few days since Thursday ... Read more

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