Latest News & Patient Updates

Minneapolis Heart Institute Launches Heart Valve Microsite

I am very excited to announce that the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern ... Read more

Released good progress by Janice Powell

Ok I went to see my surgeon today and he released me back to my regular ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Is It Common for Heart Valve Patients to Need an Aortic Aneurysm Fix?" asks

I just received great questions from Patty about heart valve disease and aortic aneurysms... Read more

Quick Sternum Question by Cris Dykeman

Wanted to get the group's insight- I'm almost 10 months post-op and ... Read more

Patient Update: After Four Emergency Room Visits, Nina Finally Gets A TAVR

Nina Bamford was taken to the emergency room four times due to symptoms including ... Read more

Rounded the corner by Patrick Dowd

Well folks they pulled some more fluid off my lungs with another ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "What's the Latest Research About Less Invasive Aortic Valve Surgery

I get a lot of questions about aortic valve surgery. Lately, my inbox has swollen with ... Read more

Freight Train by Jeanette Davidson

So I am now at 7 weeks! Still coming along steadily and progressing nicely... Read more

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