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Patient Success Week: Thanks to Her Dad's Memory, Sophie Got the Screening & Treatment She

After the unfortunate loss of her dad to a heart attack, Sophie Marsh decided it was time ... Read more

Finally cleared to go by Eddie Patton

Doc cleared me for all activities today just be smart he said. Can't ... Read more

Patient Success Week: After Fainting & Aortic Valve Surgery, Laurence Gets Back to Pick-Up

As "2015 Patient Success Week" continues, I think it's a great time to address an ... Read more

Patient Success Week: Tammy Pilcher & Cris Dykeman, Our Community Rockstars

I'll admit it. I love our community. I love seeing patients inspire each other. I love ... Read more

Day 2 post surgery by Rodd Kippen

Still in ICU day 2, everything continues to proceed according to plan... Read more

Patient Success Week: From a Cardiac Arrest to Running Across the Finish Line, This is

A cardiac arrest. A medical coma. A mitral valve prolapse. An enlarged heart... Read more

Appendix by John Jones

Hello group, I celebrated my 2 month out by having my appendix out sat am. ... Read more

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