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Surgeon Q&A: What Percent of Patients Get Pacemakers After Heart Valve Surgery

I recently received a great question from Lori about pacemakers and heart valve surgery. ... Read more

Tackling Coumadin management by Kate Watson

This has been a tough one for me so far. My INR has been in range maybe ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: What is the Latest Research on Less Invasive Aortic Valve Surgery

Eileen Chen, who is a member of our Facebook community, recently asked me, "Hi Adam, What ... Read more

Still waiting by Stephen Doherty

Almost 2 weeks till I see the surgeon, the wait is a pain in the bum its ... Read more

From Immediate Bed Rest to a "Valve-in-Valve" Procedure, This Is Jesse's Story

Jesse had been put on immediate bed rest. Jesse had not one... But, two heart surgeries. ... Read more

Countdown by Nicola Laker

Not a good time for my body to start being unwell. Swollen tonsils are not... Read more

Technology Update: Can A Mitral Valve Be Replaced Using A Catheter

At the recent Heart Valve Summit, I received several questions about the latest ... Read more

Confused! Am I a charlatan for being here on this site by Janette Rehua

Well met on 27th with cardiologist Siang Ung and later in the day the '... Read more

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