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10 Years & 3 Heart Procedures Later, Paul Celebrates His Transcatheter Mitral "Valve-in-

At the age of 57, Paul Powers had actively pursued a healthy mitral valve for the past 10 ... Read more at Providence Heart Institute by Jane Welp is opening on March 6 on the Providence St. Vincent ... Read more

Doctor Q&A: When Can I Return to Normal Activity After Heart Surgery

It is one of the best and most common questions I receive from patients. That fantastic ... Read more

My Edwards Lifesciences Implanted Device by Don Catoe

I am three weeks into recovery. All is going pretty good and I feel better ... Read more

Top 10 Heart Valve Stories of 2016

Yay!!! 2016 was another AMAZING year for our community... Read more

Cardiac cath day by Marie Myers

Made it thru my first cardiac cath today. Doc was able to go through my ... Read more

12 Great Questions To Ask Your Heart Surgeon

A brilliant question I often receive from patients is, "What should I ask my surgeon when ... Read more

About 2 weeks until surgery by Ben Hyman

Starting to get real now. My surgery date is March 15th and the "FUD" (... Read more

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