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Technology Update: Exceptional Hemodynamics & More Earn Trifecta GT FDA Approval; 7 Facts

In case you missed it… The Trifecta Valve with Glide Technology (Trifecta GT) just ... Read more

Cardiac Therapy by Terry Gillen

I start my cardio therapy tomorrow, I am sure ready my chest is really ... Read more

WVU Medicine Launches Heart Valve Microsite

I am very excited to announce that WVU Medicine just launched a Heart Valve Microsite at... Read more

It is time by Priscila Marino

It is 5 am. I am leaving my house where my to beautiful daughters are still... Read more

So Sorry! Please Accept An Instant 35% Discount On My Book

I am so sorry that we ran out of paperback copies of my book, The Patient's Guide To Heart... Read more

Cardioversion Scheduled and Mom by Wanda Mroz

So my Mom has been hospitalized for two weeks now. That's after being ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: What Are My Heart Valve Replacement Options? (Plus, 3 Patient Stories

A common question I receive from patients who can not have their valves repaired is, "... Read more

Part 6: Depression by Rita Savelis

Many articles about OHS mention post surgery depression... Read more

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