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5 Important Facts About the Heart-Lung Machine

For most patients needing heart valve surgery, a heart-lung machine is typically used ... Read more

Mini-Sternotomy by Rhonda Williams

Oh by the way, I am having a mini-sternotomy instead of a thoracotomy and I... Read more

Dr. Patrick McCarthy Is First Surgeon to Receive 100 Patient Reviews at HVS

I am happy and honored to announce that Dr. Patrick McCarthy just became the first surgeon... Read more

3 Patient Tips For Great Mitral Valve Surgery Results

I'm a big fan of simple and thoughtful advice for patients. So, when I learned about this ... Read more

Week 4 post OHS, rocking some recovery by Bob Gillespie

Well I went to see my surgeon for the final visit today, barring any future... Read more

Facebook Live Event: Let's Talk About Heart Valve Disease

I love patient education! I also really love real-time patient education... Read more

2 Weeks post AVR by Craig Irving

Well, it's been two weeks now and I'm feeling ok. I can tell that I'm ... Read more

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