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"What About Sternal Nonunion After Heart Surgery?" asks John

I just received a great question from John about sternal clicking after open heart surgery... Read more

1 Week Post Surgery by Damian Kudelka

I have to admit it feels surreal to walk down 4 flights and another 400 ... Read more

Free Webinar eBook & Video: “Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery and Valve Management

Great news. If you missed our recent webinar, "Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery; Plus, ... Read more

Great day! Four days after surgery by Pam Driggs

I woke up today feeling great. Had chest x-ray first thing and the ... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: "Is it Possible to Remove the Calcium From My Bicuspid Aortic Valve?" asks

I just received a great question from Rachel about calcium build-up on bicuspid aortic ... Read more

Day 12: Cardiac Floor by Jim Kelly-Evans

Waited all day today for insurance approval to enter acute rehab only to be... Read more

Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Heart Surgery Patients

For centuries, people have used water as a way to calm and de-stress the body, relieve ... Read more

Day 3 1/2 by Lisa Repp

Well we have a little hitch in our journey. Lisa has developed some afib... Read more

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