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Technology Update: FDA Approves Perceval Sutureless Heart Valve; 7 Facts You Need To Know

In case you missed it… The Perceval Sutureless Heart Valve just received a Food & ... Read more

by Whitney Nelson

Well I'm on the board! I'm not going to lie I'm not all that happy about it... Read more

Sutureless Heart Valve Education Center Launches

Great news! Last week, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved a sutureless ... Read more

6 week check up by Angela Hicks

I had my 6 week check up on Tuesday and everything is healing up. I have ... Read more

Theoretical Physicist, Boris Kayser, Travels to New York for Mitral Valve Surgery & Bagels

[This story is brought to you by the Mitral Foundation in collaboration with ... Read more

Update Day 11 by Gail Magnus

If any ladies that have recently had surgery want to lose a few pounds...... Read more

Surgeon Q&A: Will A Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Stop Atrial Fibrillation

During the Heart Valve Summit, I received some great questions from our community. One of ... Read more

Lump on sternum by Sophia Ridley

Hello all, I'm now 12wks post mitral valve repair. It seems like a lifetime... Read more

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