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Project ImaValve: Can A Heart Valve Repair Itself

There is an outright explosion of medical advances specific to heart valve devices. In ... Read more

Less invasive dual tissue valve replacement advancements by Ruben Romero

I'm curious to ask anyone here who's done the research about advancements ... Read more

Big News! FDA Approves SAPIEN 3 For Mitral & Aortic "Valve-In-Valve" Replacement

In case you missed it.... There is some BIG NEWS to report. Last week, the SAPIEN 3 ... Read more

2 weeks until surgery by Tanya Ammons

Hello friends! It's finally time! My AVR is scheduled for August 1st. I'm ... Read more

What Happened When 60 Patients & Caregivers Met for "Patient Day 2017" at Edwards

Something special recently happened. More than 60 patients and their care partners ... Read more

All The Best Wishes For Our Young Aussie Olympic Swimmer Pos by Emily Rowley Read more

Surgeon Q&A: Top 4 Facts About Mitral Valve Chords

I recently received a great question from Sandy about mitral regurgitation and her mitral ... Read more

PACs 19,206 in 24 hours by Paul Wells

PACs 19,206 in 24 hours. That's a lot... Read more

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