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Technology Update: FDA Approves Perceval Sutureless Heart Valve; 7 Facts You Need To Know

In case you missed it… The Perceval Sutureless Heart Valve just received a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval on January 11, 2016. This is really big news as the Perceval is the first rapid-deployment, sutureless heart valve for patients with aortic stenosis.


To educate our patient community about the significant implications of the Perceval’s FDA approval, I contacted three leading cardiac surgeons who were part of the clinical trials which led to Perceval’s FDA approval – Dr. Niv Ad, Dr. Gorav Ailawadi and Dr. Eric Roselli.




1. Why is the FDA approval of the Perceval Sutureless Valve important for the evolution of valve therapy?

Dr. Eric Roselli, who is the Director of the Aortic Center at the Cleveland Clinic, wrote to me, “Most simply, it provides us another option in the surgical treatment of aortic valve disease. As a sutureless device it can be delivered and fixed into the heart faster than a conventional sutured repair. Because it is collapsible, it may facilitate the use of less invasive approaches like mini right thoracotomy which is currently only offered at a few centers. It is somewhat of a hybrid approach with benefits of simplicity like TAVR while maintaining the benefits of surgical AVR like excision of the native aortic valve and a very low rate of perivalvular leak.

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Sutureless Heart Valve Education Center Launches!

Great news! Last week, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved a sutureless heart valve replacement for the treatment of aortic stenosis. So, to educate you about sutureless heart valve replacements, we just launched a patient education center about this innovative therapy for aortic stenosis. To see it, click here.


Sutureless Heart valve Replacement Education CenterThe Sutureless Heart Valve Education Center

As we roll-out this new platform, I would like to extend a special thanks to all the clinicians who supported this effort including Dr. Niv Ad, Dr. Gorav Ailawadi, Dr. Gabriel Aldea, Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, Dr. Reza Dabir, Dr. Leonard Girardi, Dr. Bartly Griffith, Dr. William Kessler, Dr. Eric Roselli, Dr. Rakesh Suri and Dr. Vinod Thourani.

I would also like to extend a huge “Congratulations!” to LivaNova, the company that manufactures the Perceval valve!!!!

Keep on tickin!

Theoretical Physicist, Boris Kayser, Travels to New York for Mitral Valve Surgery & Bagels!

[This story is brought to you by the Mitral Foundation in collaboration with]

It’s not everyday I get a chance to meet a world-renowned, theoretical physicist who works at Fermilab.

So… When I heard that Boris Kayser, a guru in the field of Neutrinos, had a story to tell about his mitral valve repair surgery, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to film this educational video for the Mitral Foundation.

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Surgeon Q&A: Will A Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Stop Atrial Fibrillation?

During the Heart Valve Summit, I received some great questions from our community. One of the questions from Leslie at our Facebook page was, “After several years of paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and a prolapsed mitral valve, I finally had my bad valve replaced by a mechanical mitral valve. Will this stop my AFib?”

To answer Leslie’s question, I was very fortunate to connect with Dr. John Johnkoski. So you know, Dr. Johnkoski is a cardiac surgeon and the Co-Director of the Atrial Fibrillation Clinic at Aspirus in Wausau, Wisconsin.

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Chicago Bulls Coach, Fred Hoiberg, Opens Up About His Heart Valve Surgery

Imagine your childhood dream of becoming a professional basketball player has come true. Imagine you are leading the NBA in 3-point shooting. Imagine you are in the prime of your career. Then… Imagine you are unexpectedly diagnosed with a life-threatening aortic aneurysm due to a bicuspid aortic valve.

What would you do? How would you handle it? What would you tell your family? What would you tell your team? Which valve replacement would you chose? This is the story of Fred Hoiberg…



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