Recovery Update: Barbara Walters Is “Feeling Great”, Walking Around New York City

As many of you know, Barbara Walters had heart valve surgery in May due to severe aortic stenosis.

Like many patients, Barbara has been rather private about her recovery and the details of her aortic valve replacement surgery. While I continue to receive patient emails requesting her surgeon’s name and valve replacement choice (tissue, mechanical or homograft), I often reply with, “Sorry, I don’t have anything new to share since my last update.”

Barbara Walters - Walking After Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

That said, we do know that Barbara Walters is doing well following her cardiac procedure…

Taken directly from her Twitter page, Barbara Walters wrote, “I am feeling great. Love you all!” following her surgery. And, although I feel somewhat silly citing this source, posted these pictures on June 3rd, which allegedly show Barbara Walters on a walk through New York City.

Barbara Walters - Walking After Heart Surgery

If, by chance, I should learn any more details about Barbara Walters’ surgery, I will do my best to share that information as soon as humanly possible.

Keep on tickin’ and walkin’ Barbara!!!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Aortic valves are being replaced with a cow valve in a stent fed through the groin artery, this is seeking FDIC approval in USA. It is being done successfully in Montreal, Canada. Can you put me in contact with the Doctors and Hospitals in Canada that do this procedure?

    I’m told the crash rate is something like one in a thousand, and the recovery time is short. Too, what is the cost, will our insurance cover it, and is there a long waiting list? Sounds to me like this method is better than the chest or robotic methods.

    Thanks in advance. Everything I know I learned from you, thanks again.

  • David L. Belisle

    Hi Adam,
    I underwent aortic valve and aortic root replacement last Nov. 10. One of the things that really helped me mentally process my upcoming surgery was reading about celebrities who had similar procedures. Seeing someone famous who had the surgery and return to normal lives set my mind at ease. My biggest inspiration was Robin Williams who had similar surgery to mine (actually it was even more severe). To see him back on television and talking about the surgery made me feel like, if he can do it so can I. I don’t understand why some celebrities won’t share information with the public. It helps people see that you can go through heart surgery and still function as a normal person.

  • Ricky P.Laufer

    Happy Ms.Barbara is doing well.She seems like a very wonderful woman……Keep on Ticki…

  • Hey David,

    I agree with you to some extent.

    I remember when I learned that Dr. Starnes, my surgeon, had performed heart valve surgery on Arnold Schwarzenegger — five years earlier. It gave me a sense of calm which translated into the self-thought of, “If the Terminator can do it… So can I!”

    However, everyone has a right to their privacy – regardless of the public / celebrity status.

    My gut tells me that Barbara Walters will share the details of her procedure at some time in the future. I am hopeful that her approach may occur on “The View” or some other media outlet. Given her position and incredible career, I believe she has a great opportunity to raise awareness to this disease that is often not properly treated.

    Keep on tickin!

  • LAurie Collins

    Go Barbara!

    I don’t think I put on Jewlery at 6 weeks!

    BTW, I saw that Robin William’s Stand-up DVD is coming out this week. I cant wait to hear his take on Open Heart Surgery. Can you imagine being one of his nurses???

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