“Did Your Heart Pound Like Crazy After Valve Surgery?” Asks Josh

Josh just asked me an important, post-operative question about elevated heartbeat sensations after heart valve surgery and aneurysm repair. I responded below but, if you are a former patient, maybe you can help Josh by leaving a comment as well? Here is what he writes:

Animation Of Pumping & Contracting Heart

“Adam: I do have one question about something that is bothering me.  I’ve tried to do some research on the web about this, but haven’t really found anything.  After surgery, all the medical personnel involved had said that I’d be more ‘aware’ of my heart beating after aortic valve replacement and aneurysm repair.  That is, due to the fact that since my pericardium would be cut for surgery, I’d lack the ‘insulation’ it provides. Boy were they right!  Sometimes I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest. When I’m laying down on my sides or stomach in bed, I hear my heart beating through the pillow louder than ever.  And here’s the kicker – when I’m in a sitting position (driving, watching TV, at the computer, etc.) and I inhale deeply, it seems like I feel my heart literally banging against my upper chest/throat area. When I exhale, it seems to go back to normal; or the “new” normal anyway.  I was curious as to whether you or anyone else on the blog has felt a similar sensation. Thanks Josh!”

So you know, I had the exact same experience that Josh describes above. How about you? Did you experience a loud and pounding heartbeat after heart valve surgery? To leave a comment, please click here.

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Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • Dave Brunkhorst

    I have the exact same thing going on. I feel like I’m making enough noise for everyone in the room to hear it. My heart bangs away and my valve clicks. The sound is piped into my head, loud and clear. When I get up at night to use the biff, and go back to bead, it is hard to get back to sleep with all the noise.

  • Zoey

    I went into the ER 4 months ago with left neck, shoulder and arm pain along with heart palpitations. As it turned out I was having a massive heart attack requiring emergency open heart (long incision) valve replacement surgery in addition to inserting a stint. I was told if I had waited just 5 minutes longer, I wouldn’t be here to tell the story. With that in mind, I also feel the sensation everyone is talking about while laying on my left side. A kind of rubbing from the motion of my heart beating. I have to say it’s a comforting to know it’s doing its job and I thankfully don’t have any pain associated with it, however it can be pretty distracting to a good night’s sleep. If it gets too weird feeling, I turn over to my right side and that seems to lessen the symptoms enough to sleep. Good luck to all and hang in there!! We’re still here!! :)

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