My favorite
Journal posted on July 12, 2015
The best thing I brought to the hospital to help was a neck role that is made of terrycloth and filled with oats on the inside. You put it in the microwave to warm it up. It was the greatest thing I used stomach on my neck on my side anywhere that hurt the nurses were really accommodating with warming it up ! If you don't have one get one
Mine was from bed Bath and beyond
Bob M  That sounds great! My favorite was a cherry Popsicle day after surgery.
Jim Kelly-Evans  smart phone hands down
Jane Van Schelt  Thanks for the tip. I have a week to go and I'm so nervous.
Duane Beeman  I screwed up and put popcorn in my neck roll. Every time I put it in the microwave, it got bigger
Jeanette Davidson   Oh Duane !!!!! You are back! I missed you!😉
Lora Lee Peterson  I've been thinking about you a lot, Jeanette! I'm glad you are home, and that everything is pretty well. You gotta love and hate pain meds, don't you? Hopefully, ... Read more
Meredith Bray  Neck support makes a HUGE difference in alleviating back pain. That's a great idea!
Day 6... HOME!!
Journal posted on July 12, 2015

Can't wait to get up tomorrow and take a shower and wash my hair! Lots of ups and downs and feeling So grateful! I was so afraid of having a second stroke so I am thrilled that I went well.i can tell it is going to be long recovery . Unfortunately lots of issues with my stomach, no appetite, nausea SNES etc. I think it's from the pain meds and iron pills. I'm really trying to reduce payments and just take Tylenol. My new best friend is buying beautiful recliner chair that my husband bought me.
Any recovery tip so welcome. Thank you for brothers and sisters for your support❤️I truly could not have done it without you! ❤️
Sonny Abbasi  Congrats...can't wait to get to that point.
Jeanette Davidson   You will! Stay strong sister💕
Bob M  Great recovery! Home is where your fixed heart is. Take it easy heart sister. Here is my post after I came home:
It was so awesome sleeping in my own bed. With ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Sounds like a good lead for me to follow. Sleeping on my recliner or as you can see up at midnight.
May want to give my bed a chance?
Any stomach aches?
Cheryl Batzing  Jeanette, so glad to hear you are home! Will pray for your continued healing and recovery. Be gentle with yourself and let others help you! I don't know if ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   I have a great family support system and I am really lucky😊
Bob M  Although I love my recliner, bed worked for me. No stomach aches for me. Take it easy heart sister!
Bob M  Luck? I call it a blessing for you, me and our awesome Community!
Tammy Pilcher  Jeanette, I'm so happy for you! Prayers for continued recovery! God bless you!
John Jones  great to be home. take care of yourself
  Jeanette, so glad you are healing and feeling better each day. Take good care of yourself.❤️🙏
Nancy D  be patient with yourself, and remember to continue the deep breathing, incentive spirometer - you need to help prevent pneumonia! Also walk one more step each ... Read more
Eddie Patton  Miralax
Gerald Schaffer  Welcome home! I wish I had some good ideas for you other than make sure you get your nutrition however you can, you can't get stronger without it. Like others ... Read more
Duane Beeman  Here is a tip. Stay away from Gilligans Island reruns. They will make you stupid
Jeanette Davidson   I love fresh fruit too! Did call Doc today
First day I have put TV on . Ready for a big nap. Thx gang💕
Tim Goff  Great progress Jeanette! The food aversions are strange at first, but eventually they subside. Keep up the good work.
Ericka Carlson  Jeanette, if your nausea doesn't improve it might be the Metoprolol. I had such ever nausea I lost 10 lbs, that combined with the migraines, insomnia, and vertigo ... Read more
Rita Savelis  Rest, rest, rest. And rather than iron pills eat red meat, liver, lentils and red wine.
  Pain meds and other meds can cause that nausea. I used Tylenol after my second day home, So glad you are home & doing well. Sorry I didn't write on here, sooner!
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
Post - op surgery Day 4!
Lora Lee Peterson  You look great! I hope you are feeling okay, and everything is going well! Prayers keep going up for you!
Ray Lockhart  Looking good! Best wishes to keep that recovery going strong!
Terrie Syvertsen  Jeanette- Now aren't you just PRETTY AS A PICTURE!!!!
And there is that BEAUTIFUL SMILE we have grown to love! You have no idea how great it is to see you and ... Read more
Eddie Patton  Hope you feel as good as you look!
Kimberly Biddick  You look great!!!! Hope all is going well for you!!
Meredith Bray  Fabulous! Stand up straight, keep breathing, keep walking!
Pat Bluemel  Day 4! That means you should be going home soon.
  Jeanette! How nice to see you! You are on your way. You look wonderful. Hoping you will be feeling stronger each day. Rest well, my heart sister.
John Jones  Looking well
Kelly Weisgarber  So great to see you!!! Hope you are feeling better with each passing day!
Mary Myers  Love your smile Jeanette! Let the healing continue! Love your heart sis .
Cheryl Batzing  You look great, Jeanette! Prayers for continued healing & recovery, heart sister!
Tammy Pilcher  Looking good, Jeanette! So happy for you! God bless!
Elaine Foster  Praise the Lord! You look great, and that is an inspiration to those waiting. Belieiving for a quick recovery!
W. Carter  Praise God, you should be an inspiration to all that are scheduled for surgery. A valve and bypass is a super tough operation and you are sitting up, looking ... Read more
Bob M  Nice scar! God bless and rise up! Take it easy heart sister!
  Halleluiah.... God Bless You....
Surgery update
Journal posted on July 6, 2015
Hello everyone, my name is Greg and I am Jeanette's brother. She asked me to give an update when her surgery was completed. Her doctor said everything went smoothly, they completed the valve replacement and triple bypass. She is currently in the ICU and we are told she will be off the respirator in about 2 hours.
Thanks to all of you for your support for my sister
Jeanette Davidson   Praise be to Jesus
Janice Powell  Thank you Jesus!!!
Lora Lee Peterson  That is so wonderful! Amen!
Jennifer Pyles  Great news!
Julie McDonald-Lundgren  Wonderful!!
Larry Fuller  Soooo glad to hear it,
John Jones  Great news ! Praise God
kristin ott  very good!!
  Wonderful, so glad to hear the news. Continued prayers for rest and healing.
Terrie Syvertsen  Thank you Greg for giving us all an update for your Sister Jeanette! Thank God for watching over her and her medical team! Please give her our love when able ... Read more
Eddie Patton  Great news.
Tammy Pilcher  Praise the Lord!
Kelly Weisgarber  Such great news. Thank you Greg
Patrick Dowd  SWEET!!!! I look forward to hearing her experience.. She's been a great support to others. TG for the good news. Mope all goes well. You must be very happy
Mary Myers  Jeanette, am so happy that all went well. Big hugs from my heart to yours!
Cheryl Batzing  so glad to hear the good news, Greg, on Jeanette's successful surgery and now recovery! Prayers coming her way continually for healing!
Bob M  Thank God!
Mia Smith  Wonderful news! Thank you for keeping us updated.
Steve Salvador  Great news, Praise the Lord !!!
Gerald Schaffer  Terrific news, thanks for letting us know.
  Awesome! God is Faithful!
Steve Offenbecher  Praise God you are doing well. See you on the other side this weekend.
Thank You
Journal posted on July 5, 2015
As I am settling in and getting ready for tomorrow , I want to take a moment to thank all of you. Love to you my heart brothers and sisters who have helped me so much during my suffering, anxiety and brought me peace on many days when things were really hard. Your prayers and support have meant so much to me. I can't wait to tell you my story on the other side . May God continue to bless all of you on your healing journey 💞
Kenny Knox  You're going to do great! You will be going home before you know it!
  Sending healing prayers and comfort your way. Your loving spirit will guide you through the next few days. Sleep well, ❤️🙏
Cheryl Batzing  Jeanette, your post is very special! You are offering us all God's blessings, and you are getting "fixed" tomorrow is amazing! You are in my prayers for a successful ... Read more
Rhonda Rawles  Good luck to you tomorrow, will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way! Looking forward to hearing from you in a few days on the other side of surgery.
Tammy Pilcher  God bless you, Jeanette! You are such a special person, always encouraging and allowing Christ's love to flow through you to others. We will be praying for ... Read more
Kelly Weisgarber  Thinking of you, prayers being sent your way
Steven A Husted  yes you are going to do just fine prayers for you and looking forward to hearing from you on the other side
Steve Offenbecher  Bless you and if you get anxious, pray for Gods wisdom and guidance. I go in Friday so see you on the other side.
Coming To Know God Through Suffering
Journal posted on July 4, 2015

As an eight-year-old girl, I vividly remember going on a spiritual retreat. I can still bring myself back to the joy that I felt in my heart as I came to know the Light of Jesus alive inside myself. From that moment on, I had a hunger to be more like God and live a humanitarian and spiritual life. As I grew older, I began to face many of life's challenges and had a hard time dealing with human suffering. Confusion, anger and disbelief became new feelings to me.

I had cancer when I was 35 years old, and was a single mother needing to go on welfare to survive. I remember praying to God the day of my diagnosis and asking Him, "How could You possibly add this to my plate Lord,due to my current circumstances." I knew I must draw closer to Him instead of questioning His plan for me as hard as that seemed. That is when the Lord became a waterfall in my life. He would speak to me through others. I began to learn that if my heart was open and I would see Him in everyone and everything , He would reveal himself to me. Divine serendipitous moments came to me often. While I was undergoing extensive radiation treatment, I remember feeling moments of peace. I would lie in my bed in the afternoon resting and literally feel a beam of light directly coming to my body. I suffered, but nowhere to the extent of what the doctors were expecting. I knew it was all the people that were praying for me as well as the Lord carrying me.

Three years ago I had a stroke. It was related to the cancer radiation treatment which damaged my heart. I was working as a Bereavement Counselor for Hospice at the time, doing the most meaningful and fulfilling work than I ever have done in my life. My heart was so full and complete. I was halted and brought to my knees at the time of my stroke. I couldn't speak, I couldn't write, I couldn't read . Today I am 85% improved and no one would even recognize that I suffered a stroke. I know that my God saved me. The only words that I could speak at the time of my stroke were "Oh my God". During my healing journey I became closer and closer to God. I feel his spirit alive within me. I feel that I am a vessel to help others heal . As I share my testimony, counsel and empathize with other survivors I feel very blessed to have had these experiences. My soul is well and satiated.

I'm now getting ready to have open heart surgery on Monday for a valve replacement and double bypass. Again caused from the radiation treatment. I visualize every day the Lord with his hands touching my surgeons hands and guiding the procedure. I am scared, and I know the Lord has a plan for me and is watching over me. With each obstacle I become richer and live a more meaningful life. There is Joy in my heart is and my light shining from my spirit! I have a servants heart and I pray that the Lord will help heal me and continue to bless me so I may continue to touch others. My mantra is that in every crisis there is an opportunity. In My crises the opportunity has been personal growth, the ability to live in the present moment and help others grow and heal emotionally . I have been truly blessed!
John Jones  Take care Jeanette. I will be praying for you and thinking of you often through tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from you post op.
Jeanette Davidson   John aren't we the same day? I was hoping we could hold hands and be surgery twins!😉
Lisa Amiri  Jeanette we will all be thinking and praying for you! Looking forward to hearing from you after the surgery💗
Bob M  God bless for you Jeanette! I pray that your surgery will be textbook and your recovery will be uneventful! Monday will be a new day for you with a fixed heart. God bless and rise up!
  Your strength in God will carry you through. I will be praying for your comfort and for your healing.
Steve Salvador  you will be in my prayers, know that you are in good hands with the Lord.
Susan Wozniak  Prayers for a fast and easy recovery.
Nancy D  Praying for you - and know that God isn't finished with you yet! You still have work for Him to do! Go in knowing he holds your heart in His hands, and moves ... Read more
Steve Offenbecher  Keep the Faith, God will care for you.
John Jones  More prayers coming your way! This is doable.
Kyle Väth  God is Faithful.
Tammy Pilcher  Amen!
Ruth Valenzuela  I was touched by your testimony. I will be praying for a smooth and fast recovery.
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
If this munchkin can do it, so can I! This beautiful little girl had open heart surgery less than 24 hours before this photo was taken. When asked why she was up so quickly, she replied her Hello Kitty slippers make everything better.😥❤️
Tammy Pilcher  Oh my goodness, what a precious little angel! Thanks for sharing, Jeanette! God bless you, both!
Clare Auten  That is awesome. Maybe you should get some Hello Kitty slippers for Monday.
  Such a sweet girl. Yes, you need some slippers for sure. Amazing that such a young child can recover so quickly. And, we old gals have been afraid?
Terrie Syvertsen  Jeanette: Oh my God she is adorable and now you have one more thing to add to your list of things you will need to go with all of your fancy boxer shorts. You would be a fashion plate!1 Lovely photo.
Nancy D  Saw this before my surgery and looked for some Hello Kitty slippers to inspire me but they didn't come in my I held this mental picture of her when ... Read more
Joaquim Cimoes  Dear Jeanette, you can do this.
Lewis Garlisi  Amazing and beautiful. Puts some things in perspective.
Kelly Weisgarber  Jeanette. I'll be thinking of you Monday. Enjoy the Holiday weekend, knowing Monday starts your new life!
Linda Whitney  Rooting for you Jeanette, it will be in the past sooner than you think! Adore the Munchkin and the slippers are a definite plus!
Tim Goff  what a cutie- their spirit is nothing short of amazing!
Lora Lee Peterson  I am going to print this picture and
have it with me before I have surgery!
Small Miracles
Journal posted on July 1, 2015
Miracles can come to us and through us in many ways and in many forms. A message , a moment , a touch , an exchange, a healing. I choose it to be my miracle when I believe and receive .
Feeling hopeful today as surgery is drawing near! 💕
Robert Osmachenko  Miracles happen in the strangest of fashions. Fancy meeting you here.
Nice words to live by. Take care.
Rhonda Rawles  You are having surgery on my birthday so I pray it brings you good luck! I just celebrated 6 months from surgery and one of my birthday wishes will be to bring ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Happy birthday Rhonda! Many more years of good health and happiness. What a great gesture I am sure I will feel the same way!💕
Surgery is set July 6th!
Journal posted on June 30, 2015

Today my heart ❤️ is really OPEN,
as I get ready for OPEN HEART ❤️SURGERY. It makes me think about what it really means to me to OPEN MY HEART.
For me, to open my heart is to be listening to God - ready to hear His teachings. Opening the eyes of my heart, so I can see God in everyone and everything. Learning to see something a different way from how I've seen it before. An open heart receives with joy, love , and gratitude that is offered to it. To me, it means to have the ability to love and accept another for who they truly are ! ❤️❤️❤️
Jeanette Davidson   I have such a hard time seeing the board with surgical bleeps off my screen all the time. Not sure if my date will appear in there ????
  You are going to beat me there. I am pleased you have a date set. You are ready for this. You will be in my daily prayers. I know you will be taken care of, my heart sister🙏❤️🌹
Tammy Pilcher  Yay Jeanette! So happy you have your date and that it's soon! You will have a fixed heart! It will be full of love and gratitude for our awesome God just ... Read more
  Amen, Tammy. Amen, Jeanette. Your words make me think of a song I love. "Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord". So glad you have your date set.
I will be driving ... Read more
Tammy Pilcher  Pamla, Amen and Amen to your advice! Prayers for safe travel for you and enjoy your trip! Hugs, Tammy :-)
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you ladies! So glad I have you heart sisters on my team!💗
Kimberly Biddick  Beautiful post, Jeanette! It must feel pretty good to have a date and know that the waiting is almost over! Many prayers for you over the next week!!
Eddie Patton  The dates do push off the bottom on phones if you look using a pc or something else with a full browser you can see the dates.
Jeanette Davidson   Thx Eddie ! I always use my phone!
  Thank you, Tammy!
  Jeanette... I think your name will show up in the next day, or two...on the surgery board on this site. :-)
Bob M  Amen! Amen! God bless and rise up! You are ready!
Larry Fuller  Hi Jeanette-your date now shows up and you are second from the top on the upcoming board..
Have been following your posts and am glad you finally have a soon ... Read more
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
Courage, Strength and Faith! Utilized this with my fellow Stroke Survivors and I am passing it Along❤️
Mary Myers  Love it!
Joaquim Cimoes  I agree with you.
Tammy Pilcher  So true!
Bob M  Well heart sister, I had my stroke when I was 40 and had my aortic valve surgery last December 10. I am a survivor and so are you. God bless and rise up!
Getting Organized
Journal posted on June 29, 2015
Although my surgical date isn't scheduled, I'm meeting with my surgeon tomorrow and really believe it's going to be within the next week , according to what the cardiologist has shared with me So today, I really started to get myself organized. I have my list with all the things I want to bring to the hospital . I'm very girly so my cute boxer shorts, toiletries in addition to my spiritual things mean a lot to me. I am meticulous with my house so I wanted to get all the laundry put away, cook some soup, and then make it very easy and comfortable transition back home. I thought I would do something cute for my husband so I took a bunch of my business cards, wrote loving messages on them, and placed them in a bunch of his shoes. I am in a good place, cooked some soup, and got some heathy favorites in the house. Eating really clean, playing my worship music, and thanking God for all the wonderful things that are to come. Heading to a beautiful shrine near my home today with my mom to light some candles and pray . God bless you brothers and sisters have a wonderful day 💞
Tammy Pilcher  Jeanette, it sounds like you're ready! You're going to do great! I hope they get you scheduled soon and you can get this behind you. I'll be praying for ... Read more
Terrie Syvertsen  Jeanette-Heart Sister you are sounding so ready that it made me smile reading your post. Furthermore, you will be a "hit" on any floor with girlie boxer shorts ... Read more
  I am hoping you are scheduled soon so you can start your recovery. Sounds like you are super organized. I have several projects to finish before mine. Today, ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   So glad Mary that we have each other. It's going to be great to be encourages , supporters and buddies on this journey. Try not to over exert yourself. I also ... Read more
  Jeanette, you are so kind. That really does sound like fun. Who knows, maybe one day I will be down your way😀.
I packed small packages of Kleenex tissue. ... Read more
Kelly Weisgarber  Good luck tomorrow Jeanette. I hope the meeting goes well. You sound like you are getting so much done. I don't have a date yet and I feel overwhelmed with all I want to do before. Keep us posted!
  Hi Jeanette... I agree with Tammy. It sounds like you are ready!
I pray they can get you on the surgery schedule very soon. The waiting is the hardest part...but ... Read more
Eddie Patton  Good luck.
Bob M  Yes, thank God!
Arm pain
Journal posted on June 25, 2015
Has anyone had a lot of arm pain from their Cardiac Cath? It's astonishing to me how much it hurts. Forgive me to everyone who is recovering from surgery because this is no comparison I understand ,but I just think it's odd.My doctor said there's a lot of internal bruising and maybe he hit a nerve. Would love to have some feedback my brothers and sisters!❤️
Susan Wozniak  Mine hurt also but one day I noticed the painwas gone! I think the size makes it hurt more. I actually thought the leg caths were more comfortable! Hope ypu are feeling better.
Jeanette Davidson   Thanks Susan for the feedback!💞
Paige Baitinger  Hi Jeanette, I hope you are feeling better soon. I appreciate your comments. Everything I can get my hands on to read about the pre-op procedures and the surgery ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   So great to connect with you Paige! I don't think it's typical to have pain like I'm having right now will do fine. I'm a psychotherapist and I teach ... Read more
Robert Osmachenko  I had my cath thru my groin and it hurt for a day or so but one must protect that area from breaking open, so that was the challenge for a week.
Post surgery ... Read more
Tammy Pilcher  I hope you feel better soon, Jeanette. I don't remember having alot of arm pain after I got home from my cath, but I do remember it hurting until they took ... Read more
Kyle Väth  Yep - those little suckers hurt. Lots of nerves traveling through there. Hang in there. It gets better.
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you Kyle! Finally feeling better tonight! Maybe because my son came to visit?😉
Journal posted on June 21, 2015
Did you ever feel like you were ready? You know when it's time? So here I am thinking of going to the Cleveland clinic and starting with another surgeon , yet I've been feeling a few symptoms and changes. It is time..,I need to get my date on the calendar ASAP. My surgeon here in Florida is coming back from vacation in a week and I think when we meet we should pick our date . I've been doing this process since last December and I really feel like I have declined , ( more tired, fluttering in my chest) so I wouldn't call myself a symptomatic anymore . Maybe now that I know I have two issues going on I'm driving myself a little crazy too! Happy Father's Day! I wish you all well! ❤️
  Sounds like a well thought out decision. Knowing when will make you feel better. I am 3 weeks away and still have some tests. Hoping your surgeon will schedule ... Read more
Barry Van Gemert  Cleveland is well known for successful outcomes with complex procedures.
Terrie Syvertsen  Jeanette-The more the waiting continues usually the more that anxiety sneaks in and with it comes the tendency to feel more fatigue and symptoms that can be ... Read more
Tammy Pilcher  Jeanette, I just noticed you're in Florida. I live in northwest Florida and had my surgery in Orlando with Dr. Kevin Accola. He is wonderful and has done ... Read more
Lila Robinson  If I've learned one thing in all of this, trust your instincts....especially in regards to "worsening" symptoms. I just though I was slowing down. Never really ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you Tammy for your feedback!💞
Bob M  Follow your heart ... It will lead you to the correct decision for you
Tammy Pilcher  You're very welcome, Jeanette. Let me know if I can help you. Some other patients on this site who used Dr. Accola are Melinda Hacker, Debbie Poole, and Mark ... Read more
The Right Surgeon???
Journal posted on June 19, 2015
So after getting this news yesterday that I need bypass and valve surgery at the same time this definitely makes me more concerned. It complicates things on many levels . Since I've been on this blog I just keep hearing about Dr. Svennson at the Cleveland Clinic . Sounds like he's number one in the country. I'd love to get some feedback from anyone who traveled to Cleveland and used him. Any input would be greatly appreciated!❤️
Kenny Knox  Hey Jeanette! I'm having my valve replacement with Dr. Svensson in 11 days! Living down the street in Columbus, going to the Cleveland Clinic was a no brainer ... Read more
BOSTON - Appearing on Thursday night's Celtics Late Night Show on CLNS Radio, Boston Celtics forward Chris Wilcox proudly announced that Friday will be the one-year mark since his open heart surgery. Wilcox, who missed the later part of the 2011-2012
Jeff Lashins  He repaired my aortic valve May 1st. I think he was great. My interaction with him was pretty minimal, to be honest. I had a pre-op meeting with him the ... Read more
Terry Shermeister   Jeanette, My friend had a similar operation as you will have. He was going to have an aortic valve and they went in for the cardiac cath and found blockage. ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Thanks Kenny I appreciate your input!❤️
Mary K  I had my surgery done by him. I agree with Jeff in that I am tremendously pleased with my outcome nine days out. You will not see him much, but his two nurse ... Read more
Challenging News
Journal posted on June 18, 2015
As you all have known, I was feeling nervous about my catherization procedure that I was having today . I read so many of your stories and many walk away feeling excited that things are clear, but my results turned out differently. Turns out I will be needing a triple bypass in conjunction with my AVR surgery. This in fact leaves no surgical option and I must have a full sternotomy. I did not cry when I got the news and continue have to have faith that I have a lot more work to do on this planet !!! It was a good experience to get comfortable at the hospital . It was a little bit of a trial run of what it will be like the day of surgery. So as the day is coming to a close , I feel grateful for my doctors, for my family and friends, and for all of you my heart brothers and sisters !❤️
Mary K  Sorry for your news, heart sister. I am sending love your way.
Sharon Madden  Good thing they found it now. You will truly have the heart of a teenager when this is all done. Keep your spirits up. God Bless.
Tammy Pilcher  Jeanette, I'm so sorry. Your faith will serve you well and I'll be praying for you. God bless you!
John Jones  Sorry to hear the news. But we know God is good. As you say, there is more for you to do on this planet. (Hebrews 13:5) ... I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."
  I know God will take care of you as you face this. You are so strong. I will keep you in my daily prayers. Much love, heart sister
Linda McHugh  So sorry to hear this Lynne...sending hugs
Ericka Carlson  How wonderful that they caught the issue now before you got really sick!! You're going to do great Jeanette, and you'll be like new on the other side. You're in my thoughts.
Larry Beck  I hope my doctor fixes anything else that needs fixing beside the two valves, no way do I want to go through this again! Hang in there, after my brother had ... Read more
Rhonda Rawles  Not the news you hoped for but here's to a full tune up and feeling better than ever on the other side of surgery!
Tim Goff  How lucky they found this out before you had a major problem. The sternotomy heals fast and soon it will be in the rear view mirror.
Lila Robinson  You got through the catheterization and now they know everything they need to do. It's a blessing, albeit not the news you were hoping for. But, today is ... Read more
Bob M  Your heart will be completely fixed; it will be a new day for you. God bless and rise up!
Rita Savelis  10 week post full sternotomy - 3 valves changed. Every week is better. Thinking of you Jeannette.
Lora Lee Peterson  I'm nervous about the results of the cath when I have it done, so I feel for you about the results. I never thought I would be thinking about these kinds ... Read more
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
Holding my head up high at Holy Cross Hospital!❤️
Mary Myers  Jeanette, It is good that you know what to expect. You will do well. Better to get it fixed than to chance something happening. Keep positive. Post any questions ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you Mary for your support!❤️
Journal posted on June 16, 2015

Having my heart Cath on Thursday. It's starting to get real. Feeling my anticipation getting greater and greater. It's anxiety , impatience and anticipation. I just want to get it done and move on to the next stage of life. Feeling a little concerned about the recovery process I just feel like I completed my stroke recovery and now having another . I'm also feeling more tired - probably a combination of stress and a more incompetent valve. I really appreciate your prayers and support!❤️
Lora Lee Peterson  I'm praying for you and your team of doctors and nurses. You'll get through this, and I will be anxiously awaiting your first post when you are up and at 'em again!
Tammy Pilcher  Prayers and best wishes for Thursday, Jeanette! I hope they can do it in your wrist like mine. It wasn't bad. I'll pray for good clear arteries for you!:-)
Jeanette Davidson   I have such tiny veins , with a big heart. Do you think I can ask for pediatric nurse? Hee hee !
I went for my blood work today it's always a nightmare !
Staying strong , positive and giving it ALL TO GOD!💞
  Many prayers being said for you. I hope the catherization goes well on Thurs. I know you are anxious, I feel it too as I read more and more. I know you have ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you heart sisters for your support!💗
Cheryl Batzing  prayers your way, Jeanette!
Rita Savelis  I totally hear you about wanting to move on to the next stage! That's how I felt.
Robyn Tatu  While waiting for the surgery you never really stop being anxious about it. No wonder you're tired.! Here's knowing that you'll feel better once you are on ... Read more
Journal posted on June 15, 2015
Hello my heart brothers and sisters ~
I was wondering if anyone has had radiation treatment to the chest, like I had. Having lots of studies this week so the surgeons can decipher the best way to go about my surgery. They might have to do something less invasive, which is a good thing and a bad thing . Has anyone had a similar experience? ❤️
Rita Savelis  Hi Jeannette, I had Hodgkins disease in 1978 with radiation treatment.... and 9 weeks ago I had open heart surgery to replace my aortic and mitral valves and ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Sorry Rita about your fluid issue. Thanks for sharing your story. That is really helpful. I had Hodgkins also , 18 years ago. I am curious at this point with ... Read more
Rita Savelis  It's comforting to have a surgeon who has operated on former Hodgkin's/radiation patients because even though they don't know exactly what they'll find when ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   That is so spot on heart sister! That is why this Thursday I'm having multiple tests to really get a handle on the damage. I have said that from the beginning ... Read more
Divine Intervention
Journal posted on June 10, 2015
" A Divine Intervention"

It was a teary day. I was coming to a level of acceptance. We went to Benihana to celebrate SHELLY's 75th birthday. We sat at a table and a couple came to join us. We struck up a conversation and learned that the gentleman sitting beside me was a person who had an aortic valve replacement surgery 13 years ago. Oh my, God is good! The Lord literally placed this man beside me to comfort me, support me, and tell me his story. I can't even explain to you the emotion that I felt during dinner. I seemed to be reminded in many ways, that I will be okay, and life will go on! I feel truly blessed today! He is surely my heart brother. 😥😘
  What a beautiful story. A real blessing and so comforting.
Nancy D  God works in wonderful ways...He knew just what you needed, and brought you proof positive that there is good life after heart surgery!!! Hold tight to that message and He will see you through!
Lora Lee Peterson  That is awesome!!! God is awesome!!
Tammy Pilcher  Amen, God is Good!
Bob M  God is awesome!
Petey Bello  God is Awesome!
Mary K  Yes, God is so good.
Tim Goff  Great message for you!
John Jones  In reading John Chapter 20 beginning in verse 19 Jesus' disciples are gathered in a room with the door closed "for fear of the Jews." Jesus came and stood in ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you , John , I believe that!
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
Celebrating every moment with my husband!💕
Kimberly Biddick  Lookin' good!!! Enjoy! :)
Beat the Heat
Journal posted on June 8, 2015
Spending a week vacation with my husband, in one of my favorite places at our timeshare on the beach. After Reading some of the posts I decided I better be pretty cautious. Definitely feel so much more tired after being out in the heat. So it's going to be on under the umbrella, lots of fluids, and only on the beach when it's really breezy for short amount time. I am asymptomatic today and want to keep it that way until my surgery in about two months . I have to say does get scary though, staying in that hyper alert mode . Good wishes , my heart brothers and sisters and take good care ! ❤️
Rhonda Rawles  I've read some scary stories the last few days so probably very wise of you to be cautious for sure. I too was asymptomatic or so I thought but looking back ... Read more
Kenneth Cole  Jeanette, scary yes, but it's better on the other side. God bless you, keep us posted. I'm 6 weeks post-op and feeling GREAT.
Jeanette Davidson   Kenneth, it's so exciting to me to see that you're doing well exclamation mark thank you for that gift !❤️
Jeanette Davidson   Rhonda, I definitely have an issue with climbing stairs. Sometimes it's hard for me to look at that, because I am doing well and so many in other areas. I know it is time !❤️
Rhonda Rawles  Waiting is the worst, in my case everything happened within a 30 day period from diagnosis to surgery so I didn't have much time to worry. Keep up the great attitude, that is key!
Journal posted on June 4, 2015


I love Starfish!!!The starfish has the ability to re-grow their bits and pieces, which is symbolic of healing and renewal. We can regenerate our attitudes, our beliefs, our mind-sets the same. We can grow knew limbs of thought . We can grow new limbs of thought that take us to higher levels of experience. We can lop off parts of our belief systems that no longer serve us. We can replace these phantom limbs with higher-minded ideals.

Seeing healing and all positive blessings today. Trying to put into practice , my training as a mental health counselor! It's so much harder to help yourself than it is others! 💕
Robert Osmachenko  Yes, it is harder to treat yourself, isn't it. Very well said and like your way of describing through word pictures.
Be well, and "don't push the river".
May You...
Journal posted on June 2, 2015
May you allow fear to soften and melt away.
May you release all regrets and resentments.
May you see the world with wonder.
May you imagine only good things.
May hope lie within you.
May peace wash over you.
May your heart open.( no pun intended 😉)
Make joy emerge.💕
Duane Beeman  I'm working on it.... but I feel like the flying monkeys are about to come carry me away.....and my little dog too !!!
  Too funny, Duane. :-)
I think I Shifted!
Journal posted on June 1, 2015
Very positive feelings today. I feel very much like myself again, feeling like I can do this. Sang My heart out in my car today. Released a lot of positive feelings! Gaining a sense of control with diet, exercise, and taking blood pressure. Embracing these days of peace and joy for now! Feeling STRONG!!💕
  Wish you all the best, stay strong!
Tammy Pilcher  You ARE STRONG, Jeanette! God bless you!
Terrie Syvertsen  Jeanette- The closer the day comes the more ready you are going to be for your surgery. From the moment you roll will be the center of everyone's ... Read more
Duane Beeman  Grab my hand.....
Setting Up Pre-Op Tests
Journal posted on May 28, 2015
Went to Holy Cross Hospital today ,where I will be having my surgery , to meet a new medical cardiologist. I wanted to establish a relationship with him prior to surgery since he will be following me in the hospital. Scheduled the cardiac Cath ,CT scans for June 18 Th! Based on the studies they'll be able to decide The best route to repair my valve. Feels good to begin to get the ball rolling setting up some dates. Feeling absolutely drained and exhausted tonight !❤️
Steven A Husted  dear lord be with jeanette and give her the peace and comfort she needs to take her thru this ohs in jesus name we pray amen the lord will be with you you will ... Read more
Wendy Brown  God bless you !!!
Tammy Pilcher  Amen, Steve!
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you all!❤️
Well with my Soul
Journal posted on May 26, 2015

Today when I thought about the surgery ,I thought about that part of my being that is just a "body". That's the part of me that doesn't matter as much as my "soul." As long as I am well with my soul , that is all that matters. I'm going to work on detaching myself from the physical aspect and fear of pain and suffering and stay in a peaceful spiritual realm. Today I can accept that I am having surgery. 💕
  HE is always with us...and will see you through this.
May you feel His Peace & His presence.
There was an amazingly beautiful song at my church, Sunday.
My ... Read more
Tammy Pilcher  Jeanette, what you describe is exactly what I did! "It is Well with My Soul" is one of my favorite hymns too! It is God's grace that we can go into open heart ... Read more
Duane Beeman  Hey girl. I'll take your pain and suffering and you coast for awhile. Deal ? I've had a pretty easy way of things......I can carry some extra weight for a friend.
  Amen, Tammy! Blessed Assurance......
GOALS After Surgery
Journal posted on May 22, 2015
Goals After Surgery🚴🎨📝✈️
🌸Get Really Fit!
🌸Strength Training Class
🌸Belly Dancing Class
🌸Bike riding up to 10 miles
🌸 Cruise- NY/ CANADA
🌸Family Cruise to Alaska
🌸 Trip back home where I grew up to Long Island
🌸Develop Psychotherapy Practice for people recovering from medical conditions
🌸Continue Counseling Stroke Survivors and their spouses
🌸 Condo in Texas to visit the kids often
🌸Art Class
🌸Make tons of meaningful memories with my family
Tammy Pilcher  Sounds like a great list, Jeanette! You'll get to do it all with your fixed heart! God bless you heart sister!
Jeanette Davidson   Thank you my Florida friend. So happy to have you for support! It means so much, thank you! Stay well❤️
Anis Suraiya  bike riding sound interesting :)
  Great list! Thank you for the good idea, I'm going to make my own list :-)
Beautiful people
Journal posted on May 22, 2015
As a bereavement counselor with hospice, I always loved work by Elizabeth. I hope this resonates with you !💕

"Our Deficits Make Us Stronger"

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."
Elisabeth Kubler- Ross
Tammy Pilcher  Thank you for sharing this, Jeanette. It is beautiful!!
  That is beautiful. I, too, worked for Hospice, but as the only night nurse. It was a privilege .
Jeanette Davidson   The most meaningful and fulfilling work I have ever done! God Bless You!❤️
Laura Metrano  lovely and so fitting.
  I agree, Jeanette!
Journal posted on May 22, 2015
My thoughts really get the best to me at night. Can't sleep some nights, wake up at 2 AM. So all the anticipatory anxiety. I see myself in preop, during surgery, post surgery . Livin my thoughts really get the best to me at night. Can't sleep some nights, wake up at 2 AM. So all the anticipatory anxiety. I see myself in preop, during surgery, post surgery It comes to me in my dreams... That's when the fear creeps in ...yikes! 😍
Alfonso Vasquez  Jeanette I feel you! It was so scary, I couldn't sleep, I cried alone cuz I dint want my wife and kids to know I was so afraid! No matter what anyone tell you, ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   I do appreciate that ...thank you! My life is so blessed and I KNOW The Lord has a plan for me! Your validation and empathy means so much ! 💕
Laura Metrano  In some ways this is the worst part...anticipating the unknown, your imagination running wild. Once the surgery is over you will be living more in the present ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Laura those are great visualizations , thank you heart sister!❤️
Getting Healthy
Journal posted on May 21, 2015
So I've been battling these 20 pounds ,which is so hard to get off! So I made a decision to finally get real tight with my diet and get there. As you all know , I can't exercise the way I like to,but at least doing my 1 mile walk for some heart health helps and gets my blood flowing! The doctors have shared that its if I drop the weight it Will only help
me post surgery on many levels. So working today on acceptance, staying strong, and living life to the fullest. Many blessings my heart brothers and sisters !💕
Susan Bach  You go girl ! Sounds like you have the right attitude !
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
Coming to a place of acceptance that I will be having open heart surgery in the near future ! My goal is to be positive, peaceful, healthy, and strong !💗
  Great goal! You can do it! God Bless You.....
Riding the roller coaster
Journal posted on May 19, 2015
Riding the roller coaster most days. I feel pretty good so I try to trick myself and say " well I don't have to have surgery . I can go on like this ."However, I know it is inevitable. Going to have an angiogram the latter part of the month which will give more info. Feeling TERRIFIED! I am a fighter, A stroke and cancer survivor , but just scared about post surgery complications. I had one stroke already and I am doing so great! Don't want another! Blessing to you all my heart brothers and sisters!💕
Duane Beeman  I'm supposed to be a "tough guy" and I'm nervous too. But we're going to be OK. There's a young guy that was recently released from Ann Arbor's Frankel Center ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   Thanks for sharing , partner!💕
Denise Cockayne  Thanks for sharing I have not really worked out where I write on here but I have had cancer for 8 years nearly, it cant be cured it can be managed though and ... Read more
Here's my newest picture!
July 22, 2015   Like
Wishing you well heart brothers and sisters!😉💕
Journal posted on April 1, 2015

As every cancer survivor knows ,once you have cancer in the back of your mind you always fear that you will get it again. So it becomes challenging to live with any little ache and pain because you're mind goes to the space of asking yourself the question , "Do I have cancer again?"

I think with my situation it is even more complicated and so hard for me to settle in with, because it's multilayered. So I have those cancer "bites"
that I get , and now I get stroke "bites" too!
With each funny pain I get in my head ,or heart or dizziness , or feeling off balance ; which are symptoms that I live with on a daily basis, subconsciously that fear comes and "bites" me. It usually gets me right in my gut. So daily, I have intermittent moments of blocking those fears coming into my mind.

Now , it's even that much more complicated with this heart condition because now I get heart "bites" , too. I check my blood pressure because if my heart is beating too fast, it concerns me ,or if I get a fluttering in my chest, it concerns me . Again, if I get dizzy or feel really fatigued , it concerns me.

So the doctors and all my friends say ....just have fun go about your life normally. I don't think I'll ever be able to live "normally"again. My body has failed me in so many ways that I don't trust HER anymore. I try to treat HER with compassion and a lot of times I tell her to be quiet , but it's an ongoing challenge. I sometimes feel like I am just a become a full-blown hypochondriac!!!!!
I am not going to present to the world something that should be pitied. There are private moments that are very difficult , but as always I will forward on with optimism and courage!💕
Duane Beeman  I'm learning quickly that life is not a straight line. We're a banged up group of people, that's for sure ! But we "get it". I would reach out and put my ... Read more
Sherry Wilson  Jeannette, don't get so discouraged, be are a true survivor! I'm sending you a giant hug, too.
Terry Shermeister   Hi Jeanette and thanks so much for your thoughts and wishes. It's means so much, Terry
Denise Cockayne  You are definately a winner as you are so positive and so aware of where you are in all this. I can actually understand, thankyou for sharing with me
Mechanical valve
Journal posted on April 1, 2015
So I finally selected a surgeon! I also learned that he's recommending a mechanical valve. I have lots of questions and concerns and was hoping to connect with someone else who has a mechanical valve!
Sherry Wilson  I am also a cancer survivor with damaged heart valves from the radiation. I will be getting mechanical valves very soon. Read all you can, ask as many questions ... Read more
Jeanette Davidson   I definitely decided after lots of research I will not be getting mechanical valve will be choosing to have a tissue valve. I literally think it's going to be a better "fit "for me !💕
Denise Cockayne  I am getting mechanical and really wish I could get tissue but my surgeon is pretty sure it is best for me. I am doing all he tells me