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What Should Patients Know About Clinical Trials?

With all the new heart valve technologies being developed, I’m getting great questions about clinical trials. That said, I just came across a new educational video released by the Alliance for Aging Research that reveals many interesting facts about clinical trials — from the patient perspective.

If you – or someone you love – are considering a clinical trial, I thought you might like to see this video.



Many thanks to Lindsay Clarke and Sue Peschin at the Alliance for sharing this video with me. And, thanks for your continued support of patients with heart valve disease. So you know, the Alliance was one of the driving forces behind the first National Heart Valve Awareness Day on February 22, 2017.

Keep on tickin!

Weill Cornell Medicine Launches Heart Valve Microsite!

I am very excited to announce that Weill Cornell Medicine (Weill Cornell) just launched a new Heart Valve Microsite at!

Weill Cornell, which is located in New York, has taken care of many patients in our community including Barbara Vitale, John Goethe, Michael Kramer, George Majors, Gail Railer and yes… The one-and-only Mitch Friedman. As you may know, there is a great team of cardiac specialists at Weill Cornell including Dr. Leonard Girard, Dr. Arash Salemi and Dr. T. Sloane Guy. See the new Weill Cornell Microsite.

On behalf of our community, many thanks to the entire Weill Cornell medical team, Roselena Martinez and Dinna Greer for joining forces with as we continue to educate and empower patients with heart valve disease!!!

Keep on tickin!

Website Announcement: Servers Being Upgraded This Week!

Hey Everybody!

Over the past 6 months, has experienced a significant increase in website traffic. So… To accommodate all the new members of our community, I thought it was a great time to upgrade our servers.

If you’re curious… We’re shifting to a solid state drive (SSD) server system that leverages the fastest technology for serving up great educational content. Interestingly SSDs have no mechanical parts. If you like you can learn about them here.

In addition to the SSDs, we will also use a content delivery network (CDN) which has servers in 20+ countries around the world.

Thanks for your patience as we roll-out the new server system! I’m very hopeful this new system will perform much better than our older server system.

Keep on tickin!

Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His Newborn Son’s Heart Valve Surgery

As a dad… As a heart valve patient… I need to say “Thank You!” to Jimmy Kimmel for sharing this emotional and inspirational story about Billy, his newborn son.



Many, many, many, many thanks to Dr. Vaughn Starnes (who performed my surgery) and Dr. Evan Zahn for taking such great care of the Kimmels!

Keep on tickin’ Billy!

Technology Update: The “Forgotten Valve” Gets New Feasibility Study!

We’ve talked about how the tricuspid valve is often referred to as the “forgotten valve” within cardiac care. At the same time, we’ve also learned that the treatment of tricuspid valve regurgitation is on the rise — either as a stand-alone therapy or combined with a mitral valve procedure.

That said, I was really interested to learn about a new transcatheter technology that is being used in the SCOUT feasibility study to treat tricuspid regurgitation. To learn more, I sat down with Dr. Charles Davidson who is the Clinical Chief of Cardiology at Northwestern Medicine. Here are the highlights from my interview with Dr. Davidson about this new technology.



Pretty neat, right? I guess this is one more piece of evidence that the use of transcatheter technologies is going to continue across the aortic, mitral, pulmonary and tricuspid valves. The possibilities are very, very, very exciting.

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