Patient Update: After Ross Procedure, Jeff Is Doing Fantastic!!!

Great news everybody!

I just learned that Jeff Shebovsky, from Windermere, Florida, had a successful Ross Procedure yesterday. The double heart valve surgery was performed by Doctor Paul Stelzer at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. Although Jeff was asymptomatic, a bicuspid aortic valve resulted in severe aortic stenosis.

Jeff & Family Dressed In Black
Jeff, Carol, Brooke, Erica & Jason

As his wife, Carol, wrote in his journal:

Jeff is doing absolutely fantastic today. The doctors are amazed at how well he is doing. One doctor came over to ask him if he is ready to go into surgery. All his numbers including blood pressure, blood supply, oxygen, etc. are like he never had surgery. He’s talking a lot, eating ice chips, had a popsicle. They are planning to move him into a regular room real soon, within the next couple of hours….Carol

I want to thank Jeff for being so active within our community. If you have spent any time at Heart Valve Journals lately, you would have definitely seen how positive, caring and supportive Jeff has been to the other patients at this website.

It’s no surprise that the cliche — what comes around goes around — is working in Jeff’s favor. Thus far, Jeff has received over 400 encouraging comments at his guestbook.

My thoughts for a speedy recovery are with Jeff and his family!

Keep on tickin’ Jeff!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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