Dr. Paul Stelzer, Heart Valve Surgeon

Hello! My name is Dr. Paul Stelzer and I am a cardiac surgeon having graduated from Columbia University in 1972. To date, I have performed approximately 5,000 cardiac surgeries, of which 3,000 involved heart valve procedures. I regularly perform surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Read more...

34 Patient Reviews for Dr. Stelzer

"Dr. Stelzer is an amazingly gifted surgeon and an amazing human being! I literally owe my life to him."

-- Jeff Shebovsky, heart valve surgery patient

"From the first day my husband and I met Dr. Stelzer we knew he was the man to trust with my Ross Procedure surgery. He spent over 2 hours explaining everything, comforting our fears, answering all our questions as well as being honest about complications, pros and cons and alternative approaches. He was always accessible by phone and or email to answer any questions. Following my surgery, he greeted me at least once if not twice a day with a smile, reassuring demeanor, and professional scrutiny. I am forever grateful for his dedication, expertise, and comfort. Despite some post surgical pain following a complex surgery, I am doing well at 6 weeks, healing, and carrying his positive spirit with me to return to a physically demanding job, singing and competitive tennis. There are no words to express my gratitude to him and he may never truly know how he has touched me. God bless!"

-- Deborah Berger, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, Ross Procedure, 03/07/2018

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My Specialities & Interests

Specific to heart valve surgery, you should know that I have several specialties including:

  • Ross Procedure
  • Aortic Root Surgery including Stentless Porcine and Homograft Replacement
  • Aortic Valve Sparing Root Surgery

In addition, I have research and clinical interests specific to:

  • Clinical Results of Ross Procedure
  • Investigator for Stentless Porcine Valves
  • Diastolic Dysfunction and Aortic Disease

Education, Training & Certificates

Dr. Paul Stelzer, heart surgeon, graduated from Columbia University in 1972.

Dr. Paul Stelzer

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