Penny’s “Roller Coaster Recovery” Slows Down After Double Heart Valve Repair

I just read in her Heart Valve Journal that Penny McIntosh has seen her recovery get “back on track” after a few post-operative complications including atrial fibrillation and fluid in her lungs. As you may know, Penny had mitral and tricuspid valve repairs and a MAZE procedure performed on February 26, 2010.

Penny McIntosh – Double Heart Valve Repair Patient

Although her experience has been self-described as a “roller coaster”, Penny’s positive attitude is quickly detected in her recent journal entries:

  • “Last Saturday my heart went back to regular rhythm and has stayed except for a brief flip back to atrial fibrillation yesterday.”
  • “I had a minor set back with a bout of pleurisy this week but the antibiotics have sorted that out quickly and my breathing is a lot easier today.”
  • “I did get the all clear to drive from my GP this week but no inclination to go anywhere just yet and with a new SUV I need time to get used to it.”

Penny also took the time to show us what her scar looks like five weeks after surgery.

Penny’s Sternotomy Scar (5-weeks After Surgery)

Like many patients, including me, Penny also experienced some weight loss after surgery. She notes, “My weight has dropped down more than 8 kilograms in 5 weeks but I’m still on fairly high doses of diuretics.”

If you would like to read more about Penny’s heart valve surgery, simply visit Penny’s Heart Valve Journal. Or, if you would like to start your own free Heart Valve Journal, please click here.

Keep on tickin’ Penny!

Adam Pick
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