What Do Jeff, Mitral Valve Repair, 365 Days & Cabernet Sauvignon Have In Common?

It is one of the best moments of my day.

I click on an unopened email to find a touching patient success story. This inspirational note comes from Dr. Jeff Pirofsky who just celebrated his one-year anniversary from a mitral valve repair operation. Jeff writes to me:

Jeff Pirofsky In Hospital On Cell Phone
Dr. Jeff Pirofsky – Mitral Valve Repair Patient

Dear Adam –

I just wanted to thank you for all the help that you gave me last year.

Today is the first anniversary of my mitral valve repair. Even though I was not symptomatic due to regurgitation, the surgery needed to be done. You helped me with some difficult decisions during that time. You also were able to help me find with many fine surgeons.

I know I made the right choice with Dr. Marc Gillinov, MD. He was able to perform the repair without a sternotomy (also known as a thoracotomy). He did a great job. In fact, whenever I show my scar people say “is that it?” expecting something else.

Dr. Marc Gillinov – Jeff’s Heart Surgeon

I was back to work in less than two weeks and probably could have returned in one week but mom came to help take care of me but was disappointed when there was no one to take care of. I also “trained” very hard before my surgery and feel that helped me back to work and play much quicker.

Jeff With Family After Surgery At Auburn Football Game

Again, thank you for all that you do! I know I have offered to help you in anyway that I can… But, you have never taken me up on the offer. The offer still stands. I will think of you tonight when I open that bottle of wine I bought for this day. It’s a Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon.

Thanks for your heart valve book, your website and all the help!

Dr. Jeff Pirofsky
Montgomery, Alabama

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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  • Joseph

    Dear Adam,

    Well, it’s 1 month since I had my aortic valve replaced at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital here in Manhattan. I’m happy to say that I had the very best surgeon in the world, Dr. Craig Smith. He did a full sternotomy and no one, and I mean no one can see a scar. It folds directly between my pectoral muscles, no suture marks of any kind. I had interviewed so many comtetent surgeons but Dr. Smith and I just clicked as men as though we were sitting around a campfire having a cup of coffee discussing my surgery. Soft smile, soft eyes, a very sweet and settling disposition and very beautiful hands. Let’s face it, cardiac surgery induces fear in any one, even Arnold Schwartzenegger. I loved this guy. I HIGHLY recommend this surgeon to anyone in the world. He is a soul, one who genuinely cares for his patients as people and not as just another AVR.

    Question. At present, I had a minor setback last week. I had some shortness of breath and when I was examined by my cardiologist I was told I had some fluid build-up around the heart (pericarditis). He put me on a course of steroids, prendizone, for a period of 35 day’s. Has anyone had this condition subsequent to surgery? And if so, can you share the outcome of your story? I would be most appreciating, thank you.

    Thank you Adam for all your help in providing the path to surgery, recovery and new life. I know that you made your test, your testimonial for the world and I think GOD planned it that way. Thank you,

  • Kenneth

    Hi Adam, my name is Ken. I am a surgical technology student at baker college. Our motto is “The patient first. I am learning more and more every day about surgery and patient care. I have been assigned a series of questions that are inclined to helo me become a better health care provider. These questions are not personal, but rather about the expierence one has before, during, and after surgery. I do not view this as just an assignmnet, but as a good learning expierece of what to expect in the up comming futre. It also will help me understand a patients view. I have read your story, and was wondering if possible if you could help me by ansewring a few questions regarding your expierence as a patient.

    Thank you

  • Kenneth

    Jeff, thats a tremendous story. I am glad that surgery was a success. You were very lucky to have such a good surgeon by the sounds of it “and no scaring to boot”. My father had a tripple by pass surgey about 15 years ago and is doing well to this very day. Maybe you would be willing to answer a few questions in regards to youre expierence as a patient. I would appreciate it very much for any and all responses from anyone woh has had surgey.


  • Travis Watson

    My third day after surgery I was supposed to be discharged then all of a sudden I had severe pain that lasted about 2.5 hours until the meds kicked in. It felt like it was coming more from my back then my heart. They gave me an Xray, ultrasound, and an EKG, and everything seemed to be normal. One doctor said it was pericarditis and my surgeon thought it was internal muscle spasums. They kept me in the hostpital 2 days longer even though i felt i could of been out sooner. They put me on a anitinflamatory for 21 dadys just to be safe. But I didn’t have any problems since that incident.

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