Mark Runs ‘Better Than Ever’, Thanks To Dr. Roselli

There really is nothing better than patient success stories. So, when Mark Ridder copied me on this email to Dr. Eric Roselli, his surgeon, I thought, “Woot! Woot! Go Mark! Go!” 🙂

With his permission, here are Mark’s words to Dr. Roselli:

Dr. Roselli,

It has been a little over 18 months since my very successful aortic valve replacement surgery performed by you and your Cleveland Clinic surgical team.  I’m thrilled to report that I am doing better than ever in my life and I owe so much to you, Edwards Lifesciences and all of the skilled and caring staff at the Cleveland Clinic who made my treatment and recovery possible.  The attached picture was taken by my wife (Jane) last Saturday morning at the finish line of the Wichita, Kansas Annual River Run 10K.  I ran the 6.2 miles in 1 hour 3 minutes and had no difficulty whatsoever finishing strong.  I am blessed to say the least.

Mark Ridder, Heart Valve PatientMark Ridder Completes 10K After Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

I hope this message finds you, your staff and your family doing fantastic.  Please share this message with any and all on the team who took part in my care and know that what you are accomplishing as a surgeon and as a team is saving and changing so many lives for the better.  When the long hours and the demands of the job seek to exact their toll, I hope you will take supreme comfort in the knowledge that you are giving every surviving patient a miraculous opportunity to live life again and hopefully to enjoy that life as much as I have been blessed to enjoy mine.

Dr. Eric Roselli, Heart Surgeon, Cleveland ClinicDr. Eric Roselli – Mark’s Surgeon

Thank you again from the bottom of my (healthy) heart and please share this message and picture with your wife and children as well so they too can be reminded of why the demands of your work and the time away from them are both necessary and worth it.

Most sincerely,

Mark Ridder
Wichita Kansas

Adam Pick
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