Denise and Connie, Heart Valve Journals Sisters, Connect At Cleveland Clinic

First, it was Jim and Jeff at Mount Sinai. Then, it was Cheryl and the Florida Valve Reunion. Next, it was Tom and Trent at The Heart Hospital. This time, it’s Denise and Connie at the Cleveland Clinic.

It’s really amazing to see how Heart Valve Journals, our social network, is connecting patients all around the world — both online and offline.

Denise, Connie, Dr. Roselli & Dr. Svensson

As you can see in the picture above, Denise and Connie, aka Heart Valve Journals Sisters, just met in-person at the Cleveland Clinic. FYI, Denise had mitral valve repair surgery with Dr. Eric Roselli on May 29. As for Connie, Dr. Lars Svensson replaced her calcified bicuspid aortic valve on July 17.

In Denise’s journal, she writes:

The very best part of my check-up back at the Cleveland Clinic was getting to meet Connie and Dan, her husband. Connie looks amazing for 2 days post surgery. Dan and Ric took pictures of Connie and me together… Connie actually gave me permission to allow everyone to see her in her designer hospital gown – LOL. What a trooper she is! Since we live about 50 miles or so from each other we hope to do a lunch or dinner get together with them after Connie gets some recovery time under her belt.

As for Connie, her husband Dan has been posting updates at Connie’s journal. As Dan writes, Dr. Svensson did a great job:

Connie is doing well. Her doctors and nursing staff are taking exceptional care of her. Her pain is controlled and she is resting comfortably. Her pulmonary tests are going very well and her vitals are in a good range. Dr. Svensson was in this morning and said she looks good and may be able to leave sometime over the weekend.

Keep on tickin’ Denise, Connie, Dan, Dr. Svensson, Dr. Roselli and the Cleveland Clinic!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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