Dr. Allan Stewart Named “Heart Valve Surgeon Of The Month”

I’m very happy to announce that Dr. Allan Stewart has been named our Heart Valve Surgeon of the Month at the Heart Valve Surgeon Finder for November!


Dr. Allan Stewart, Heart Surgeon, Valve Specialist


As many of you know, Dr. Stewart — who is the Director of Aortic Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center — has been an incredible supporter of our growing community. In addition to answering many of your questions, Dr. Stewart has teamed up with several, former patients to promote awareness to heart disease and recovery.

Below is a touching and inspirational video which discusses the unique relationship between Dr. Stewart and his patients!



In addition to being a skilled surgeon (you can read several patient testimonials click here), Dr. Stewart is a very nice and humble guy. I was lucky to spend a few hours with Dr. Stewart during my last visit to New York City.

“Dr. Stewart is an incredibly caring and skilled surgeon. From the first consultation, I knew I was in excellent hands. His bedside manner is incredibly kind and he encouraged me to work hard to get back to my normal life. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Stewart. He touched my life in many ways.” –Dale Hensley, Heart Valve Replacement Patient

To learn more about Dr. Stewart, please click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Stewart!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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