Surgeon Spotlight: After 7,000 Surgeries, Dr. Kevin Accola’s Heart Valve Specialty Is Praised By Patients & Surgeons Around The World

It’s an honor┬áto shine our surgeon spotlight on Dr. Kevin Accola, a leading heart valve surgeon who practices at the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute.

I first met Dr. Accola in 2008. I called Dr. Accola after several of his patients emailed me their fantastic success stories. During our chat, I quickly learned that Dr. Accola is a super nice guy and a very accomplished surgeon. As you can read on Dr. Accola’s surgeon profile, he has performed over 7,400 cardiac procedures and over 2,400 heart valve operations. Mitral valve repair is one of Dr. Accola’s specialties.

Over the years, I have become very familiar with many of Dr. Accola’s patients including Donna Wilson, Scott Niemen, Misti Blue and Denise Ring. Dr. Accola’s patients often use words like “warm”, “calm”, “humble”, “caring” and “confident” to describe his personality.

For example, Duane Hunt, a recent mitral valve repair patient, recently shared with me…

Dr. Accola is also admired by his peers. During a recent, international cardiothoracic conference, another heart valve surgeon said to me, “Surgeons aspire to be like Dr. Accola. He is an incredible surgeon and an incredible person.”

In addition to being a great doctor — who has trained surgeons across the United States, South America and Asia — Dr. Accola is married with two children.

Thanks to Dr. Accola and his team at the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute for all of their support of this patient and caregiver community. Dr. Accola’s pursuit of healthy hearts is extraordinary!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Doug

    I need a mitral valve repair. Do you recommend any at Sequoia hospital in Redwood city, Ca?

    I already had stem cells. The drs. said mine was the weakest most dead heart they did stem cells on. The most injections they did up to mine was 19. They did 26 on me. I had it done in mexico. The hope is to get the heart strong enough to repair the valve that has leaked most my life and helped to enlarge the heart.

    Thanks, Doug Finch

  • Pauline Chamberland

    After one year of my wife’s open heart surgery for defective aortic valve change on July 7th 2010, she has really recovered well, of course by following all steps required for healing. To this day she does have to take a blood thinner “coumadin” and it took her some time to find a way to keep an even level of between 2 and 3 as a blood thinner. Progress is well and she hopes it stays this way.
    thank you.

  • Greg Betlej

    Adam.I had aortic valve replaced Dec.2009 with complications.I had a hip replacement 6mos.later.Has any of your people complained of chronic depression?Has anyone ever said that their life was better prior to the surgery?I’m tired,don,t sleep.Anti-depressants don’t help nor therapy!I have cognitive deficits that weren’t there before.I also had a ”small stroke”.My cardiologist the same one Bob Uecker has,says it was not during heart surgery.I’m miserable.Any advice that I haven’t heard already?I’m a 62yowmm.Keep up the good work.Life’s a drag.

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