“Sarah Is ‘Mad As Hell’ But Doing Great After Heart Valve Surgery!” Says Pam

For those of you following the story of 5-year old Sarah Weir… I have great news to share!!!

Sarah’s mitral valve repair surgery was completed by Dr. Pedro Del Nido at Children’s Hospital Boston on Wednesday. After some minor post-operative issues (blood pressure, swelling), Dr. Pedro Del Nido is very happy with the results!

Picture Of Girl In Hospital After Surgery
Sarah Weir – Two Days After Mitral Valve Repair Surgery

As for Sarah… Pam, her mother, writes, “Sarah is mad as hell – but doing GREAT!!! She wants to go home! I ask New York??? She says NO – HOME – THE FOUR SEASONS.”

Dr. Pedro Del Nideo With Sarah's Family
Pam (Sarah’s Mom), Dr. Del Nido, Dr. Newburger, Daniel (Sarah’s Dad)

I agree with Sarah. I think all heart surgery patients should start their recovery at the Four Seasons. 🙂

Keep on tickin’ Sarah!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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  • Ed Rutkowski


    You go, Girl!!!!

    Fellow Heart Valve Repair Patient

  • Shari

    I am crying reading this… so happy to hear it!

  • Amanda

    Good for you….great news.

  • Cindy

    Sarah looks like an absolute angel!!! Wish I’d looked so good after my MVP repair! So happy to hear all went well. And off to the Four Season’s soon, Sarah 🙂

  • linda

    I think shes a very pretty little girl bless here so glad shes on the mend // my mother has a leek but shes 85 the docter told her she could live 2 years sad … shes okay shes happy right now brave mum . god bless you Sarah,

  • linda

    Does any one know how long my mother could last …. i lost my father a few months ago such a sad time its great to hear good bits as well on here .

  • nicko

    My daughter Heaven is going to have one in march 2013 I’m so scared but so happy your doing great makes me feel so much better GOD BLESS YOU.

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