Georgia Heart Institute

Georgia Heart Institute is the comprehensive heart and vascular program of Northeast Georgia Health System. Built on a foundation of expertise and innovation, we’re focused on creating healthier tomorrows for everyone. First and foremost, we believe this starts with a dedication to supporting the complete individual and providing the highest level of care when it matters most.


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Leaders in Minimally Invasive Robotic Cardiac Surgery

Georgia Heart Institute is now offering robotic heart surgery through our partnership with the nationally renowned surgeons of Northeast Georgia Physicians Group. We are devoted to providing the best possible outcomes for patients with heart disease through the least-invasive option. Our robotic heart surgical procedures use tiny incisions, about 8 millimeters or the diameter of an ink pen, which help patients to have smaller scars, less pain and shorter recovery times.


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Meet Our Heart Valve Specialists

Georgia Heart Institute has assembled a special team of heart valve specialists that are committed to getting patients the best results. Our team consists of many leading surgeons and cardiologists that you can learn more about by clicking the links below:

Our Patients Say

Bill Mayfield and his wife originally traveled to Georgia from Minnesota to visit their son, but Bill started to feel ill. He stopped by Northeast Georgia Physicians Group (NGPG) Urgent Care in Dahlonega, ... Read more.

Have A Question? Call Kim at (770) 766-3301

Kim Dwyer

Hi, my name is Kim Dwyer and I am the heart valve clinic coordinator for Georgia Heart Institute.

I have been with Northeast Georgia Medical Center for 7 years. I started started in my role as the Robotic Surgery Coordinator with the launch of robotic heart surgery in 2023.

I am the first point of contact for all robotic heart and thoracic surgery patients - answering questions, scheduling appointments, helping to get medical records transferred from previous facilities and more.

It is my goal to... Read more.

Clinical References For Our Patients

To help you learn more about Georgia Heart Institute, here are references for you: