In Portugal, Filomeno Gets A Carbomedics Aortic Valve Replacement (Video)

There is nothing better than waking up, enjoying a cup of coffee, turning on the computer and finding a patient success story in my inbox.

Today, I received a patient success story all the way from Portugal. It’s about Filomeno Faustino’s recent aortic valve replacement with a Carbomedics Top Hat mechanical device. Here is what Filomeno wrote to me:

Filomeno Faustino - Aortic Valve Replacement Patient In Portugal

Filomeno Faustino – Nine Days After Valve Surgery

Dear Adam,

Recently, my aortic valve was replaced because I had a bicuspid aortic valve caused by a genetic problem. I have attached a picture which shows me nine days after surgery.

The surgery was successful!!!

I received a new mechanical valve known as the Carbomedics Top Hat which is manufactured by the Sorin Group. I understand this valve is somewhat similar to the On-X mechanical valve.

After the surgery, I was in the intensive care unit for 29 hours. For six of those hours, I was on ventilator support. In total, I stayed one week in Hospital De Santa Cruz in Lisbon, Portugal.

Carbomedics Top Hat Mechanical Valve Picture & Video

My surgical team and support staff (doctors, nurses, etc.) were wonderful and highly qualified. I really appreciate all of their encouragement during my hospital stay.

Finally Adam, I can not forget you. Your book helped me a lot before and after surgery. Keep doing this great work. Thanks!!!

Best Regards,

Filomeno Faustino

Adam Pick
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