Ethan’s 6-Month Update: Elmo, The Beach, Haircuts & More

Hi everybody,

Thanks for all of your emails about Ethan, our six-month old son.

So you know, Ethan is doing ab-soooooooo-luuuuutely wonderful. He’s been very, very, very busy adjusting to his new life and his new parents, Robyn (my wife) and me. Here’s the latest Ethan update:

  • Ethan watched his first Michigan Wolverines football game. As I went to Michigan for college, I was very happy to see him cheering for the right team.

  • Ethan’s diet now consists of carrots, squash, peas, bananas, cereal and milk. Ethan really likes his new high chair that his Grandma Bonnie just got him.
  • Ethan, like most children, has a tremendous infatuation with the one-and-only… ELMO!
  • As we live in Los Angeles, Ethan just made it to the beach for the first time. Honestly though… I think he looked more like a superhero and less like a baby going to the beach. 🙂
  • Ethan has taken a liking to his rocking sheep. Can you see the joy in his eyes?
  • Ethan continues to offer loving smiles when he’s around everybody – including Robyn, my mom (Donna), sister (Monica) and step-mother (Judie).
  • Believe it or not… Ethan had his first haircut already!!! If you didn’t know, Ethan was born with a full head of hair.
  • Here’s Ethan after the haircut. Pretty stylish little fella, right?

Finally, we just noticed that Ethan is getting his first tooth. We can’t see it yet. But, when we rub his gums, we can definitely feel it.

Thanks again for asking about Ethan. We are having the time of our lives with him – especially now that he is sleeping through the nights regularly. 🙂

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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