Guest Blog: Debbie Hurd, Six Weeks After Heart Valve Surgery

I will be the first to admit… The rewards from publishing this blog and my book are more positive than anything I have ever experienced before.

Actually, it is a privilege to help patients and their caregivers through their heart valve repair or valve replacement surgery experience.

That said, I recently received an email from Debbie Hurd. Debbie is now six weeks post-surgery. As you can read below, Debbie is doing very well even though she has experienced some patient complications following heart surgery.

Debbie Hurd - Heart Valve Surgery Patient

Still, Debbie’s attitude is positive and her will is strong. I found her words insightful, so with her approval, I have posted them here for us all to consider and learn from.



I hope you and Robyn had a wonderful holiday. Mine was awesome, considering I was here to enjoy it!

It is funny how you look at things after a major event (like heart surgery). Life seems to short now to dwell on the negative. Not that I did before, but I look more for the positive in everything.

My surgery was six weeks ago this past Monday.

I am actually doing really well. I am going back to work next week. I am able to drive (officially). I was driving before they said I should. 🙂

My crying has gone, thank goodness. That was soooooo not me.

I am losing weight, which is nice. I feel great!

I went for my six week checkup and the only problem I am having now is that I have fluid in my lungs which is causing me to have an annoying post-operative cough.

The doctors tried draining the fluid – but when it came out bloody they stopped and ran some tests to make sure I was not bleeding into my lung. I wasn’t.

The doctors feel that my body will eventually absorb the fluid since it has already absorbed over half of what was there three weeks ago. Worse case? In three months, if the fluid is still there, the doctors will have to go into my lung and physically remove it. I will pray for absorption.

The other thing that is bad… Now, every time I come back from the doctor my daughter asks if I am going to die. I try to reassure her that now I am better than before.

I thank God for my recovery going so well, now that I see it in hindsight. I felt at first there was no end in sight. My husband and daughter were amazing through it all. My friends were a great help as well.

We are taking life one day at a time but enjoying the fact that we will have a life together. We are still planning on moving in the summer to South Carolina. So that beach is looking promising.


Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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