After Heart Valve Repair, Cindy Takes Mosquito For A Horseback ride!

It feels great to receive and share patient success stories from all over the world. That said, I thought you might enjoy reading about Cindy, her horse (Mosquito) and her recovery from heart valve repair surgery. She writes…

Hey Adam,

I wrote you a little while back. As you may recall, I was curious to know how and when you knew you were fully recovered after heart valve surgery. Well… I have good news to share. Today was my first time back on my horse, Mosquito!!!

Patient Goes On Horse Back Ride After Heart Surgery
Cindy Rides Mosquito For The First Time After
Heart Valve Repair For Mitral Valve Prolapse

It was my nine-month anniversary of mitral valve prolapse repair and it was a picture perfect day here in California. My husband snapped this photo of us. (To learn more about mitral valve prolapse, click here.)

My horse, Mosquito, had not had anyone on his back since last December. So, we are getting our bearings here at home before heading to Montana de Oro State Park for a “real” horseride.

Another milestone in the recovery process! YES!!

Thanks again for your heart valve surgery book, your blog and your help through this journey.  I know you were a great benefit to my recovery.

Cindy Tarver

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • Megan

    WOW Cindy Another SLO resident! my husband is going in for a Ross procedure in 22 days – we live in the city of SLO! glad to see you are up and back on your horse, it must have been hard to go that long with out going for a ride and spending that quality time with him.

  • Cindy

    Hi Megan …small world we live in!! I am in Los Osos. If there is anything I can do to ease your nerves please feel free to contact me privately. Will the surgery be local? I traveled to NY for my repair. That added a little anxiety as I’d never been there. And my flight was just days after the plane landed in the Hudson River!! But all went well & it is behind me now 🙂

  • leizel

    Hi! i saw ur experience in facebook,im diagnosed of Anterior Mitral Valve Prolapse (A2 segment).im just curiose what is it about.? is it dagerous if i dont proceed a surgery..coz the problem also is i dont have enough money for operation..

  • amanda

    im 29years old i was born with a indocardian cushion defect i have had three open heart surgerys i was told on june 2nd that i need to start thinking about and reseaching doctors that can do mitral valve replacement…i rodeo its my life i was back on horses 5weeks after my last open heart surgery where they went in and rebuilt my mitral valve and removed a sub aortic ridge…if i have a valve transplant will i be able to rodeo and compete still plesae email me back at

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