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My Annual Echocardiogram With Dr. Rosin

Posted by Adam Pick on December 24th, 2008

I’m just returning from my annual echocardiogram with Dr. Ben Rosin, my cardiologist at Torrance Memorial.

As some of you already know, these annual exams are fairly stressful. The last thing I, or anybody, want to hear is that a heart valve surgery re-operation is required.

Dr. Ben Rosin and Adam Pick at Torrance Memorial Hospital
Dr. Ben Rosin & Me

In light of the stress (and perhaps a little fear), I have lots-and-lots of good news to report. Here are some highlights from my third annual echocardiogram following my double valve replacement:

  • The replaced aortic valve is performing well. There is only minor leakage (1+) around a suture. The heart valve flaps continue to look thin and, most importantly, seal tightly.
  • The pulmonary replacement valve is also doing well with trivial minor regurg.
  • My left ventricular ejection fraction is 65%.
  • The size of my left ventricle is now categorized as “normal”.
  • There was no pericardial effusion.

Overall, Dr. Rosin said my heart is doing very, very, very, very well.

Wooo-Whoooooooooo!!! :)

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick A dad, a husband and a patient, Adam Pick founded this website in 2006 to educate you about heart valve surgery from diagnosis to recovery.
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Jim Kelly says on December 24th, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Good news! Celebrate!



Sean R. says on December 24th, 2008 at 8:29 pm

I don’t think it should be so stressful. You’re much more likely to get a good report than a bad. And if it’s bad, think how lucky you’d be to find out (in time). The glass is half full, you know. Those of us who have received replacement valves are truly fortunate. I plan to live long enough to require a second, and maybe a third, new valve. Life is good. Happy holidays, everyone!


Donald Henry says on December 24th, 2008 at 10:41 pm

There is always a little anxiety involved with your annual echocardiogram, because you know that during one of these exams your tissue valve will start to show signs of wear or thickening of the leaflets and in the back of your mind you know that if you live long enough you will have to undergo another valve replacement. With my type A personality I tend to stress and worry aboujt the second surgery and reading some comments from your blog helps me be more optimistic. I am in my 9th year with a Pericardial Bovine Valve and the leaflets are mildly thickening. I do think that optimism is the way to approach surgery and I am working on that; however it isn’t easy.



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