Study: On-X Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Shows Mortality Benefit

Since launching this website, I’ve noticed a trend favoring tissue valves over mechanical valves. While patients are attracted to the durability of a mechanical valve replacement, it seems as if many patients — of all age categories — want a Coumadin-free life. Plus, the possibility of valve-in-valve procedures appears to be another key factor in their selection process.

On-X Mecahnical Heart Valve With White Background

However, a study published in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery, reported that the On-X mechanical heart valve replacement performed favorably to tissue valves. More specifically, the On-X valve offered the 172 patients in the study a mortality benefit 7.5 years after surgery.

Dr. Vinay Badhwar - Heart Surgeon
Dr. Vinay Badhwar

Dr. Vinay Badhwar, who recently performed a successful surgery on Matthew Fountain, stated, “This study confirms that the use of the On-X valve with home INR monitoring can provide a combined better outcome (adverse events and mortality) than that achieved by tissue valves with this younger (under 65 years) patient group.”

As we have previously reported, the On-X mechanical heart valve replacement has been under investigation in the PROACT study which is examining whether or not this valve replacement device may require less or no Coumadin therapy after implant.

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