Before & After: Mitral Valve Repair Surgery Pictures

This deserves a “Wow!”

I could ramble on about how neat this is… Instead, I’ll simply let Geoff explain. Here is Geoff’s email:

Hi Adam,

I am home from my surgery!!

The mitral valve repair was performed last Tuesday morning. I left Duke Medical Center, five days later, on Saturday morning at 9:45 am!

I am fairly weak and somewhat sore. But, overall I am doing great. I spent the first night after heart surgery in the intensive care unit (ICU). The breathing tube and TEE were removed in the first few hours after surgery. I had tubes coming out of me from many places – an IV in my neck, left arm artery, left arm near elbow and right arm.

Picture Of Diseased Mitral Valve Before Heart Valve Repair
Geoff’s Diseased Mitral Valve Before Surgery

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Duke Medical Center. My surgeon, Doctor Donald Glower, was able to repair the valve so that there was 0% mitral regurgitation. If you are interested, I have attached the before and after pics. (To learn more about mitral regurgitation, click here.)

Patient Mitral Valve After Heart Valve Repair Surgery
Geoff’s Mitral Valve After Heart Valve Repair – 0% Regurgitation

Thank you for your heart valve book, and all the blog members, for their stories and insight. Heart surgery truly is an emotional journey. My fiancee, Lisa, and I are very happy to be through it.

Thanks… Geoff

Adam Pick
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