Debbie Takes Her New Valve Back To Edwards Lifesciences

A little over a month ago, I visited Edwards Lifesciences to tour its heart valve manufacturing museum and learn more about Edwards’ heart valve replacement devices (pig valve transplants, cow valves, minimally invasive technologies).

After reading my blog, Debbie (a recent heart valve surgery patient) decided she wanted to visit Edwards as well. A few emails later, Debbie was on her way to Edwards’ headquarters in Irvine, California to visit the world’s largest heart valve manufacturer. Considering that Debbie’s cow valve replacement was manufactured by Edwards, I guess it was sort of a homecoming for Debbie’s new pulmonary valve. 🙂

Debbie Day And Family Tour Edwards Lifesciences

Here are Debbie’s thoughts on the experience:

I had a wonderful time at Edwards Lifesciences. Most of all, I enjoyed meeting Somori, the Edwards’ employee that hand-stitched my new heart valve. Somori has worked at Edwards for four years. I was her first patient to come and visit!

It’s amazing that the valve she made is now helping my heart beat right. It’s also keeping me alive! I would strongly encourage anyone that has a Edwards valve to visit their Southern California facility and meet the people that make their valves.

So you know, my heart valve surgery was nine weeks ago at St. Josephs Hospital, here in California. My surgeon was Dr. Richared Gates. I had my pulmonary valve replaced with a 3000TFX Bovine Pericardial Valve manufactured by Edwards. My doctors believe the pericardial valve will last 20 years or more.

Doctor Richard Gates - Heart Surgeon
Dr. Richard Gates

If anyone has a Edwards valve they can tour the Edwards museum and meet the actual person that worked on their valve. Also in the picture (above) is my husband and daughter.

Thanks… Debbie

Adam Pick
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