Linda’s Challenge: Can You Hear My Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement Tick?

As patients evaluate their heart valve replacement choices, one question patients often have about mechanical valves is, “Will I hear the valve tick?”

It’s a great question. So you know, sound is one of the differences between mechanical valves and tissue valves. Mechanical valve replacements are known to make a ticking sound while tissue valves are silent.

To help you better understand the actual ticking sound of a mechanical valve, I filmed this impromptu video with Linda Kincaid, a patient from Indiana, who had a mechanical valve implanted last year.

Fyi… I could barely hear Linda’s mechanical valve tick. To me, it sounded almost like a wrist watch ticking. Could you hear it? To leave a comment, click here.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Nina

    I’m about to have a replacement, I’ve opted for the non mechanical, partly because of the noise and the warfarin draw backs. Not an easy choice though :-/

    My gf even said if she was to hear a mechanical one in me speed up when talking with other women I’d be in trouble…. A bit harsh, what do you think?

  • Beverly

    I had my aortic valve replaced 20 years ago (March 7) with a mechanical valve. At first, the ticking bothered me until I got used to it. Now, it reassures me. Mine is a St. Jude Valve.

  • Hi Beverly, Great to hear how your tick reassures. And… 20 years? Wow! Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

  • Amy Marie Perkins

    My replacement was 4+ years ago…..I hear the ticking….my 9 year old daughter loves to place her head on my chest and listen for the ticking <3

  • Pauline Hieronymus

    I had a mechanical mitral placed in 2009. I do tick and it isn’t an issue to me. My 3 year old grand-daughter loves to listen to it. I sometimes second guess the choice due to all the complications of warfarin. However the thought of possibly having to replace a tissue valve in 10-15 years did not appeal to me either. I also had the valve done robotically without the traditional chest splitting. Just call me Timex.

  • Renee Brown

    I am two and half years post op and now cannot sleep unless I hear the valve a ticking…

  • Beverly

    Thank you, Adam. All in all, I truly believe that I made the right decision, for me.

  • Hi Renee, Great to hear how the tick escorts you into dreamtime. That’s great.

  • YAY! Woo-Whoo! Happy Dance for Beverly!!!

  • Kim Blaze

    I couldn’t really hear in video but after reading one of your other articles and everyone commented on how mechanical valve ruined their lives, sleeplessness, depressed etc I’m more overwhelmed now as today at 43 told I need one in January to replace cow valve… Also scared to death being on Coumadin for second half my life too.. Please help, crying mom here!

  • brian minnick

    Kim blaze. I also have a mechanical valve its been 9months. I had a type a emergency surgery and a mechanical valve st jude. Im getn use to the valve even though i hate taking warfarin but now my whole aorta is dissecting and valve is the last thing on my mind. No one really. hears of i dissection but if u dont no its were ur aorta tears whole aorta is tearing which means many surgery’s ahead so if ur concerned about the valve it takes time to get used to. I wish that was the least of my problems. Ul b ok.

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