Patient Update: Dave Hooper Graduates From Cardiac Rehab!

As many of you know, I encourage all patients to participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program following heart valve surgery. Research shows that the physical and emotional benefits for patients attending post-operative cardiac rehab classes are significant but often under-utilized.

That said, here is a great update from Dave Hooper. (You might recall that I featured Dave in a prior post following his aortic valve replacement surgery.)

Patients At Cardiac Rehabiliation Classes
Dave Hooper At Cardiac Rehab

In his email, Dave writes to me…

“Hi Adam – I just finished cardiac rehab. I had a really good time. It was a commitment and so I felt obligated to go each time. The team at Advocate Good Sheppard did a great job. I am BACK!!!! Thanks, Dave.”

Congratulations to Dave!!! And, thanks to the cardiac rehabilitation team at Advocate Good Sheppard in Barrington, Illinois.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • Pamela

    Great job Dave.
    I too have resently graduated from rehab cardic. I found it very rewarding with the classes they taught and with the encouragement that all the rehab nurses gave. I found myself looking forward to going and could feel myself getting stronger. Now I am out of rehab I still plan on doing my exceriseing on the tredmill and bike that I have in my home. good luck in the future.

  • Ricky (a female)

    I must say,looking back 8+years ago……at 46 years old,I REALLY SHOULD HAVE GONE TO REHAB after Mitro Valve replacement.

    A friend after having a heart attack and bypass surgery,went to rehab.She said with the friendship of everyone pulling for each other
    she did quite well in her recovery.She was also in her early 70s.

  • Ed Rutkowski


    Haven’t written in a while. Been doing great after my robotic mitral valve repair at Cleveland Clinic in April, 2010.

    I will comment that those pictures are someone reminiscent of my initial trips for cardiac rehab. Dave and his rehab friends look wonderful. While 61 when I had my surgery and Ricky related to regretting not going when she was 46, while rehab is definitely needed I believe the best forum depends a great deal on your past exercise environment. Before surgery I was a long time marathoner and gym rat. After surgery I started at one of the rehab facilities that cost me nothing with my insurance coverage. I found myself feeling out of place and attended only a couple of times. I instead returned to my gym and rallied around the old frienships to work my way back to being one of the gang, many of whom are 20 or 25 years younger than I. With many years of serious training I have taken great personal interest in studying my capabilities and limitations. Though I exercise now regularly and now feel great, and I have read your blog about folks who return after heart surgery to do marathons and triathlons, I now recognize that for me that going back to competition would simply be too great a temptation to push too long or too hard. I still have folks at the gym and the pool asking how I’m feeling and giving me encouragement. Fact is, I don’t think you ever truly graduate from rehab and I believe it is also critical to know to monitor yourself long after those any rehab doctors and nurses are not around.

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