“Is Your Heart Valve Surgery Newsletter Really Free?” Asks Amy

Amy just sent me an interesting question about my newsletter. She writes, “Adam – I’ve been coming to your blog for three months now. In May, I was diagnosed with severe regurgitation from mitral valve prolapse. I’m curious to know, is there a hidden fee if I subscribe to your newsletter? Is it really free? Thanks, Amy”

The answer to Amy’s question is a very, very, very simple… Yes, It’s Free! There is no hidden cost to signing up for my newsletter. I know there are a lot of Internet scams out there, but my free newsletter is definitely not one of them. Maybe that is why several thousand people have signed up! 🙂

If you would like to subscribe, simply click the button below. That way you can stay up-to-date on all the latest news, insights, research and opinions from our growing heart valve community. Plus, in the next few weeks, I am going to announce a number of helpful changes to this website that you will not want to miss.

I hope that answers Amy’s question.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

To learn how Adam has helped millions of people with heart valve disease, watch Adam's video, subscribe to his free newsletter, or visit his Facebook, or Twitter pages.

  • Cheryl Irvine

    Hi Adam

    Regarding Amy’s request as to whether or not your newsletter is free – you didn’t add that by signing on to receive your newsletter, out e-mail addresses haven’t been handed out every which place so we don’t receive unwanted spam. I find that really generous.

    Good luck to Amy.


  • Hey Cheryl,

    Thanks so much for reminding everybody about that! I can’t stand spam.

    Keep on tickin!


  • Cindy

    I’m confused … maybe it’s that heart lung machine?? Is your Blog … which I am on now the SAME as the email newsletter?? Or is that something different to sign up for in order to get it??
    Thanks …

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