Your Cardiovascular Disease Treatment – Best Hospitals And Best Surgeon Research

I’m not sure about you…

But, as I prepared for my heart valve surgery, one of the many critical questions I wanted to answer was, “Which are the best heart care facilities?” and “Who are the best heart valve surgeons?”

Best Cardiovascular Disease Treatment - Hospitals and Surgeons

I did ALOT of research on the topic of cardiovascular disease treatment – best hospitals and surgeons. (So you know, I consider heart valve disease in the realm of cardiovascular disorders although others may consider the term isolate to arteries and veins.)

That said, a lot of my research ended up in my book. However, I have also placed a number of cardiothoracic surgeon profiles in this blog and within my website. I have posted profiles for each of the following heart surgeons here – Vaughn Starnes (Los Angeles), Paul Stelzer (New York City), Eric Roselli (Cleveland), Gosta Pettersson (Cleveland), Kevin Accola (Florida) and more. You can also click here to research over 1,000 heart valve surgeons.

Specific to the best hospitals for cardiovascular disease treatment, here is a link from US News And World Report that has some interesting information about the best hospitals for cardiac care in the United States. They list the top five heart specialty hospitals as:

  • The Cleveland Clinic (Ohio)
  • Mayo Clinic (Minnesota)
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Massachusetts)
  • John Hopkins Hospital (Maryland)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Massachusetts)

Don’t forget to click here to visit our new Heart Valve Clinics Directory.

If you have any doctors or hospitals you would like me to profile in this blog, please let me know. You can email me or leave a reply below.

I hope this helps you know a little bit more on the topic of cardiovascular disease treatment – best surgeons and hospitals. To learn more about highly recommended heart valve surgeons, please visit the Heart Valve Surgeon Finder, our free heart valve surgeon directory.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Hi Lizette,

    I just read your post.

    Given your tricuspid valve regurgitation, I wanted to share with you that Dr. Patrick McCarthy, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, is an expert specific to this disease. Interestingly, I was at Northwestern two weeks ago filming an educational video about tricuspid valve disease with Dr. McCarthy. As you can read in this paper, Dr. McCarthy has researched this disease and performed many tricuspid valve treatments –

    If you would like to contact Dr. McCarthy, you can contact Eileen McDonald, his valve clinic coordinator, at (888) 531-7541. You also can learn more about Dr. McCarthy at

    Dr. McCarthy is an incredible valve surgeon… and a super nice guy. The patients in our community love him!

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m here to help.

    Best regards,

  • Ann

    I had open heart surgery in June of 2010. I had aortic stenosis/bicuspid valve and with further testing I had a 50 percent blockage in the main artery that runs down the front. I had this bypassed and aortic valve and root replaced with porcine valve. They found I did also have aortic aneurism sp? I am a 50 yr old female. I am looking for the best cardiologist that can keep monitoring me, etc. and then I believe the best for me would be in the future when my tissue valve wears out, either Cleveland, or Johns Hopkins. Cleveland is close to a 500 mile drive from me, Johns Hopkins is approx. 5 hours? Anyway, I need help in finding a really good topnotch cardiologist who would be good for me to be able to schedule my regular visits with that can monitor me and keep abreast with my condition. I want someone preferably in Charlottesville, VA or Richmond VA, or somewhere that’s not as far away as Johns Hopkins or Cleveland for me to be a patient of until the times come I have to get a surgeon. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. I want someone that will stay on top of things and that I can feel safe and secure with. I would be driving from Roanoke area. Please help, as I am alaready 3 months behind in scheduling an apt but I just cannot find peace in what I feel is a top cardiologist yet. Help please!
    Thank you!

  • Ann mammolite

    My husband got diagnosed with moderate aorta stenosis. He is 60 yrs old. He is asymptomatic. I am in the process of picking a cardiologist at morristown medical center in morristown nj. I work at the hospital and need to stay here for insurance purposes. What do you know about dr john brown or dr antonucci. Thankyou ann mammolite

  • Allan

    Have Sever mitral valve failure. I am in the New York area. Where is the best place to have this repair done. Also Recommendation foe Surgen

  • dianne greenleaf

    Hi Adam: I’m a 65 year old female with a 2+ tricuspid regurgitation, trace mitral and trace pulmonic valve(s) regurgitation. I live in the Tampa, FL area but am currently in western Massachusetts visiting family for the summer. I read where Brigham & Women’s and Mass General in Boston are among the top 5 for heart valve surgery. Since I’m only here in Mass for another month or so I was wondering if you know of any surgeons in FL regarding my issues? I do know of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonsville and there is a Cleveland Clinic down towards Naples. Wherever I go it will depend first and foremost on the doctor and hopefully that doctor can do a minimally invasive procedure and, I have to consider the fact that my husband will absolutely not fly anywhere. If I have it done here in Mass in Boston I will have my children, husband and friends for support but if my husband wants to get back home to FL before I can schedule a consult then I need to find a doctor/hospital there. I think when it comes to heart surgery it’s very important to find the right doctor who specializes in the type of valve issue at hand. I would appreciate your feedback. As a person who is personally going through this and as a nurse with my career spanning 25 years I have done tons of research on this particular matter and don’t jump head first into something without checking it out from top to bottom….thanx Dianne

  • dianne greenleaf

    Hi Adam

    I left a comment which says at the top in red: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Do you know why it may not have been posted to this blog? And, when might that happen? I in western MA til the end of Sept. beginning of Oct. I have been diagnosed with 2+ tricuspid regurgitation, trace mitral and trace pulmonic valve(s) regurgitation as demonstrated on a 2-D echocardiagram done May 12, 2014 in Tamps. I’m awaiting my cardiologist up here telephone call to give me a second opinion. Meanwhile I see where 2 of the top 5 hospitals for valve surgery are 2 hours away in Boston: Brigham and Women’s and Mass General. I was wondering about FL as I live in Spring Hill in west central FL. Tampa and St Pete are nearby and Orlando isn’t very far either. There is also the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and the Cleveland Clinic in Weston FL I want to wait til after I turn 65 in Oct. of this year 2014 so I can be on Medicare and I have private insurance which would become the secondary insurance so, there’s a good chance I will have to choose a doctor in FL should I need surgery. Do you know which hospital and which doctor in FL would be the best. At present it seems the tricsupid is the one that needs attention. I’m hoping if I do need surgery it can be minimally invasive but with the trace leaking of the other two I’m not sure so need answers. I would appreciate your input….thanx dianne

  • eileen s


  • Ken Brickwedel

    Thanks for taking the time to provide such an informative site for heart surgery patients like me. It’s truly appreciated. I’m 50 and it’s time to replace my Aorta Valve and I’m looking for recommendations for surgeons in the Northern CA area. Either USCF, Stanford, El Camino, John Muir hospitals…..or any others you may recommend.

    Thanks again,

  • John Louis

    Dr. Didier Loulmet – NYU Langone Medical Center- one of the pioneers of the robotic mitral valve surgical technique.

  • Barbara

    I was recently told by my cardiologist that I have a Mitral Valve regurgitation with a 30% backflow. I feel horrible and cant do the things I would like to do because of shortness of breath. I don’t sleep well because I can’t sleep on my left side due to palpitations. I feel extremely weak and tired all day everyday. I am 49 years old, how long should I wait before I look for a surgeon that can fix repair this valve. I was told by my cardiologist who is not a surgeon that I should wait until my ankles start to swell. But isn’t that a sign that it has gone too far? Help in florida?

  • karen lee

    if you could please let me know if you ever had your surgery done and by whom .I was also told to see doc Ackers ,my email

  • karen lee

    hello, I am a mother of 6, I work full time and have been putting of surgery, to repair my mitra valve , my husband passed away at age 42 of a massive heart attact and no signs of cardiac issues , well I was told per my ego my heart is starting to get a little more damaged prior to the last ego / and so its time fear and work have kept me as well as really not knowing who to choose as my surgeon . I want a repair not a replacement . I am not able to work on blood thinners ,also heard b a repair is better .can anyone please please help me my baby is only 4 and I need to be around for along time any help or information would be a great help my email

  • Jayne Krygier

    I am currently a patient of the mayo clinic in nov during my simi annual visit I was admitted to the hospital and told I was in heart failure. 14 years ago after the first cardiologist said I would probably need aerotic replacement in about two years. I still have a sever issue that no doc and two rheumatologist heads of these departments could not diagnosis an auto immune. It turned out that I had a sever case of takayasu so when I do have surgery it will be complicated. So you can probably imagine I want to find the best surgeon. Thank you for your quick response.

  • Tina Gleason

    Hi Adam,
    My father 82 has been told he needs an aortic valve replacement it would be the TAVR procedure because of other health issues. Dr. Peter Walinsky is the surgeon and Presbyterian Hospital in Abq, NM would be the facility. Would you recommend we stay here? If not who and where would you recommend we go?

  • Helen Yade

    Hi Dianne, I live in Brooksville ..was wondering if you ever had your surgery? I am also needing Heart Valve surgery ..and maybe I can give you some info? well Let me know can also contact me at,, have a good evening..9/10/15

  • Diane Olney

    Do you have recommendations for a top surgeon for heart valve replacement surgery in the Washington/Oregon/Idaho area? My brother-in-law has severe mitral/aortic/tricuspid regurgitation and needs valve replacement.

  • dee

    Hi Adam ,
    I have main pulmonary artery aneurysm, measured at 5.8 x 4.6 cm and tricuspid valve regurgitation. Can this be fixed and what are the risks?

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