Wow! The 2012 Dallas-Leipzig Valve Conference Started Today!

Today, I was very fortunate to attend the Dallas-Leipzig Valve Conference in Dallas, Texas. While I had heard of this conference in the past, I had no idea about this size of the conference, its world renown faculty or its Transatlantic approach to education.


Dallas Leipzig Valve Conference 2012


Interestingly… Each year, the host city of the conference alternates between Leipzig, Germany and Dallas, Texas.

The goal of the conference, as  I understand it, is to bring together valve specialists — both cardiologists and surgeons — to engage in meaningful lectures, case studies, and debates about best practices for valvular therapy.


Did I Forget To Mention The Live Surgeries?

To further enhance this unique educational environment, the conference leverages the latest communications technology to discuss surgical approaches in… real-time.

For example, within forty-five minutes of the opening remarks by Dr. Michael Mack, Dr. David Brown and Dr. Fred Mohr, I was watching a live transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) performed by Dr. Linke and Dr. Holshey at the Heart Center in Leipzig. (To learn more about this non-invasive technique, please watch or download our recent TAVI Webinar by clicking here.)


TAVI Procedure Being Performed In GernanyTAVI Procedure Broadcast from Leipzig, Germany


Then, later in the day, a bicuspid aortic valve replacement was performed at The Heart Hospital in Plano, Texas (which is just outside of Dallas). Again, more meaningful discussions were held specific to valve calcification, valve replacement sizing, suture strategies and more.  In the past, we have talked about how surgeons size a valve replacement. At the beginning of the video below, you can see an actual sizer tool being used.



Many Thanks To The Conference Organizers & Attendees!

While I don’t understand most of what the doctors are talking about during these meetings, there is great comfort knowing that over 1,000 medical professionals will attend this three-day event. Together, these men and women are working to advance valvular therapy and to enhance the lives of patients around the world.

Thanks to the organizers and attendees of the 2012 Dallas-Leipzig Valve Conference!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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