Pat Gets Her “Bucket List” Wish During Double Heart Valve Surgery

I’m not sure the Human Genome Project detected it, but I think we all maintain a unique gene that enables us to wish. Some people wish for peace. Some people wish for wealth. Most people, in this community, wish for healthy hearts.

Interestingly, Pat Studebaker had a lifelong wish to witness a heart surgery. Thanks to the Never Too Late organization and Doctor Marc Gerdisch, MD, Pat got her wish last week.

Surgeon Holding Plastic Heart With Patient
Dr. Marc Gerdisch Explains Heart Valve Surgery To Pat Studebaker

At the St. Francis Heart Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, Pat Studebaker saw Dr. Gerdisch perform a 5-hour, double heart valve surgery.

Reflecting on the experience, the 84-year old Studebaker stated, “I got to see Dr. Gerdisch hold a heart in his hand. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Picture Of Cardiac Surgery Operating Room
Pat Studebaker Observes Dr. Gerdisch During The 5-Hour Heart Surgery

If you did not know, Never Too Late is a fantastic organization that grants wishes to seniors. Thus far, the organization has organized over 2,200 wishes. Dr. Gerdisch is the chief of cardiothoracic surgery at St. Francis Heart Center in Indianapolis. With a clinical focus on mitral valve repair, Doctor Gerdisch, cardiac surgeon, has performed over 3,500 cardiac procedures.

Keep on tickin’ Pat!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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