Brian Drives Past Cardiac Depression And Heart Palpitations

There is nothing better than receiving inspirational, patient success stories from my readers.

This morning I opened an email from Brian. As you may recall, Brian experienced cardiac depression following his aortic valve repair earlier this year. As Brian previously wrote to me, “In my opinion, recovery from heart surgery is way worse than the operation.”

Brian, After Aortic Valve Surgery, Holding A Pain Scale Hand
Brian – Holding His Pain Scale

Well… It is now several months later and Brian has a very different perspective to share. Here is Brian’s update:

Adam –

I just celebrated my six-month anniversary since my aortic valve surgery. Check me out now! Here’s a picture of me at Willows Springs Raceway!

Aortic Valve Repair Patient, Brian, Recovery To Drive Race Cars

No one could have convinced me that, six months after surgery, I would be pulling high G-force turns on a race track while manhandling a sports car that demands stamina and strength in the heat of the desert.

I remember being so depressed after heart surgery. I felt like a wilted flower. I also remember thinking that my heart palpitations were going to do me in.

Dr. Aidan Raney

Now… I love my new ticker. Dr. Aidan Raney, my surgeon, fixed me bigtime! I feel like I’m 25 again.

Thanks again for your heart valve book!


Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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