After Aortic And Mitral Valve Surgery, Charles Revs Up The Motorhome

When I wake up in the morning, there is nothing better than opening an email like this… 🙂

Hello Adam,

As I am now in my 14th week since having heart surgery, I look back at my recovery with much appreciation. I was hospitalized in September, 2007 for shortness of breath and coughing up small amounts of blood. At that time, I was treated for congestive heart failure. My heart went back into rhythm and I was released.

Since I had a sixty-year history of heart rhythm problems, I was concerned. My cardiologist told me that it was not that bad and that I would someday just “die in my sleep”. That was not very comforting to hear.

I spent eight months researching my condition. Specifically, I tried to find the right cardiologist and surgeon. I was fortunate to find the perfect team in Carson City, Nevada at the new Tahoe Regional Hospital. Doctor Anthony Fields was my cardiologist and Dr. Todd Chapman was my surgeon. They put together a great team. My peace of mind going into the surgery made it a lot easier to recover and keep a positive attitude.

During the surgery I was given:

So you know, your heart valve book was the most helpful resource of all my research. Now, I am going to take a three-week trip in my motorhome with my wife! Thanks so much Adam!

Charles Harrall

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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