Tech Update: New CoreValve TAVI Study Shows High Survival Rates

As we continue to monitor the roll-out of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) technologies, I just learned about a recent study for the CoreValve.

The CoreValve By MedtronicMedtronic CoreValve TAVI Device

Medtronic, the manufacturer of the CoreValve, just announced encouraging data for the device which is (i) commercially available in Europe and (ii) in clinical trials in the United States.

Data published from the study showed that:

  • One-year survival rates from the CoreValve ADVANCE study revealed that inoperable patients in this study had the highest survival rates for TAVI reported to date. The survival rate was 82.1 percent.
  • Health related quality of life (HRQoL) measures for patient in the study improved at both one- and six-month intervals.

According to Medtronic, the CoreValve ADVANCE study is one of the largest multi-center TAVI trials to date — with over 990 patients treated at 44 experienced TAVI centers in 12 countries.

Dr. Johan Bosmans

Dr. Johan Bosmans, professor at the University of Hospital in Belgium noted, “TAVI has been shown to improve survival compared to standard therapy… But, quality of life can be as important as survival in elderly patients.”

Early Registration for TAVI Webinar

To learn more about TAVI, please note that I will be hosting a special patient webinar with Dr. Charles J. Davidson, an interventional cardiologist, and Dr. S. Chris Malaisrie, a cardiac surgeon, both from Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, November 7. While the event has yet to be formally announced, you can register early for the webinar by clicking here.

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Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • Donald Henry

    Does anyone know if the core valve can be used on aorta valve re-do operations?

    Thanks Don Henry

  • Ginny Slycord

    Hi Don Henry,
    When my son had Aortic valve surgury in March of this year, we were told that the TAVI core valve could be used if he needed another surgery but it probably won’t be available until many years..

  • Donald Henry

    Hi Ginny, I hope that’s right. I had my first AVR in Feb 2000 with a bovine tissue valve and then in Dec. 2011, I had my second open heart operation to replace the tissue valve due to endocarditis ( an infection that entered the bloodstream and attacked the valve) I was 55 when I had my first surgery and 66 when I had my second surgery and I really don’t think I would survive a third surgery. Hopefully I won’t need one for at least 12 to 15 years, but you never know. Thanks for your response.


  • Ginny Slycord

    Hi Don,
    Did they tell you what caused the endocarditis infection? How did you get the infection if you don’t mind sharing that with me. Appreciate it — thanks.

  • Shelly

    Where should I start? I am currently a survivor of 7 cancers and 5 missed bullets.
    At 29 in 1987 with a 4yr old and a 1yr old I had Stage 2B Hodgkins, treated with radiation, upper and lower mantel. Two years later a recurrence( they say you don’t catch Hodgkin’s twice, it only take 1 remaining cell to recure) 8 months of chemo ABVD.

    All went well till 2009 soft tissue carcinoma of the large saliva gland. Removed and was treated with 3 dosages of cyberknife radiation (specific to jaw area as I already had life-time dosages of radiation in 1987). Six months later at the incision site 3 little pea size showed up and were remove, they called this “seeding” as the 1st tumor was removed. No
    treatment was required as it was also encapsulated.

    When I developed shortness of breath I was diagnosed with CHF during 2010, other tests were ordered including a colonoscopy/endoscopy and a lung section. OKAY no kidding
    my tests were all over the board, cancer(blood) , heart and pet scans. So lung section neg. endo showed non-Hodgkin’s of the stomach and heart was a moderate CHF. The other 2 cancers were basal and squimous cell.

    Knowing that my chest core was weaken- I just was not feeling very strong in my upper torso, was looking for some alternatives to open chest surgery for my DOUBLE murmurs. Was told about Core Valve, Good Sam is a Phoenix test hospital. By the way that is where I was born in 1957, now I am 56. Brand new procedure, critical cases go first I could wait for a while go get the chemo and come back and see us………3yrs later finished my chemo June 2013 been doing great till ……. Last month started feeling chest pressure, more fatigue and more short of breath. Primary doctor is ordering more tests so far the only test was blood and showed my BNP is 235.

    Now I am freaking a little here and really don’t know where to turn. Will make more calls tomorrow, perhaps to my Cardiologists(?) Do you think Medicare will pay for Core-valve?

    Would like to hear your thoughts.

    Make it a good day
    Shelly E
    Prescott, AZ

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