Bob Uecker Requires Heart Valve Re-Operation Due To Infection

Considering our recent discussion about heart valve re-operations, often referred to as “Re-Dos”, I wanted to wish Bob Uecker a very successful surgery today. If you didn’t know, Bob Uecker — who was anointed  “Mr. Baseball” by Johnny Carson — will undergo his second heart valve surgery during the past six months.

Bob Eucker After Heart Surgery
Bob Uecker – Heart Valve Surgery Patient

According to reports, a pseudoaneurysm (a tear) happened where his heart valve replacement is located. According to his medical team, it’s believed a skin-related staph infection entered his bloodstream and got into his surgical repair site.

“I’m approaching this with the same optimism that I had the first time,” said Uecker. “I appreciate all of the kind thoughts and well wishes from Brewers fans and everyone who has reached out to me.”

Keep on tickin’ Bob!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • Don Hull

    As a heart valve “re-do” surgery patient myself and as a baseball fan who enjoys Mr. Uecker’s broadcasts (I’m a Cardinals fan but I still like his broadcasts), I extend my sincerest thoughts to him that he will have excellent results from his surgery. We will be pulling for you, Bob, to have a speedy recovery so you’ll be ready to enjoy life again by the time Spring Training begins!

  • Barry

    I thought that Bob Uecker and other aortic valve replacement patients might be interested in my experience in October 2009 I had aortic valve and root replacement surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    The post surgical recovery did not go as predicted and my lung function was compromised. The doctors could not determine the source of the problem. In late January of this year I began to run fevers. I was discovered to be suffering from a skin-related staph infection probably contracted during the open heart surgery. I was put on massive antibiotics and rushed to a second aortic valve and root replacement within a four month period. As a result of the undetected infection my new valve had almost completely separated from the heart. The doctors informed me and my loved ones that I was very near death

    And now for the encouraging part of the story. The second replacement valve is not cow or pig but humanoid cadaver valve and root. And thanks to the thoughtful decision making of my wonderful significant other, I was lucky enough to be in the hands of a very talented and caring surgeon at Mt Sinai hospital here in New York , Dr. Paul Stelzer. And the effect of this second surgery was miraculous. I was out of the hospital in one week and back at work within three months. All the good results predicted for the first surgery happened after the second instead. Despite the infection and very near death experience. And despite the fact that my valve and root had been completely compromised and not just torn.

    I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have had the great Mt Sinai team at time of greatest medical need. And to have my friends and loved ones at my side because this time I was in my hometown not on the road. So I feel that Bob should be fine. And I wish him the quick recovery that I enjoyed.

  • Roberta

    Wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery, Bob.

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