Off Topic: Stop And Smell The Roses

Several months after my surgery, I started gardening. While I continue to lack a knowledgeable green thumb, I really enjoy the process of working alongside Mother Nature. Even with all my gardening mishaps, I am super lucky to have a springtime rose bloom going on right now.

So, if you are interested in participating in the age-old cliche, I encourage you to… Stop and smell the roses. (Well, maybe not smell… But, I think you know what I mean.)


This yellow rose could be my favorite of the bunch.

This purple rose is incredibly bright and smells wonderful.

I really like the simplicity and symmetry of this white rose.

This peach rose smells fannnnnnnnnnnn-tastic.

Finally, I really liked this pink rose too.

Keep on tickin’ and smellin’!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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  • Robin Hirsch

    excellent. the biggest mistake many of us make post surgery is to fall back on all the old bad habits. We all have to remember that we have been given a wonderful gift of health and life. To simply fall back on old routines is to deny that gift. Appreciating the beauty of roses is a wonderful place to start.

  • Randy

    Hello Adam. My name is Randy. I discovered your website and book while researching my heart condition on the internet. I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. After years of monitoring my condition (I am 55) and finallly experiencing symptoms it had became apparent that I would have to have it replaced. This was just six weeks ago. I purchased your book and became a regular visitor to your website. I guess I have always felt more comfortable being on the outside looking in when it comes to forums and blogs and thus did not post my own jounrnals here. I have been following a few of your other visitors who have been posting there journals though. Your book and this website has supplied me with the knowledge and hope that I and my significant others needed to get through the surgery and now recovery. I just wanted to thank you and wish you and your family the best.
    You keep on ticking.


  • Joel Bryan


    Thanks for sharing those photographs. We’re all more than just heart patients – we’re people with diverse interests. We all need a hobby to relieve the stresses of life and nothing beats digging in the dirt and watching the flowers grow!

    Joel Bryan, Iowa

  • Patricia

    Hi Adam,
    After open heart surgery, I regained my interest in having my own orchard, but often would feel dizzy when standing up too quickly.
    Watching a TV program, I learned that a hospital treated elderly or cardiac patients with a therapy that included growing plants and I was quite interested since they were planted in risen wooden boxes that would not require people to lean.
    Hands on and I had someone make the boxes for me. Since then and it is a pleasure to eat my organic vegetables, it is nice not to be dizzy or with back pain anymore.
    Boxes can be 3 by 3; 3 feet deep with stands to rise them from the ground.
    My only recommendation will be to take a course on home orchards!
    From sunny Mexico,

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