Doctor Gillinov’s Chat Update… GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!!!

Last Wednesday, our patient and caregiver community was fortunate to participate in an exclusive, online chat with Doctor Marc Gillinov, MD, one of the leading heart valve surgeons from The Cleveland Clinic.

As this was our first, interactive chat with The Cleveland Clinic, I was curious (and a bit nervous) to receive feedback from their team following the event.

Well, I have some great news to report…

The Cleveland Clinic was very excited about your active participation in the live webchat titled, “Advancements in Heart Valve Surgery”.

Ethan and Adam Pick
Ethan (my son) says, “Great Job Everybody!”

According to The Cleveland Clinic team:

  • The online chat was very well attended by our community of patients and caregivers. In fact, I learned that our chat was one of the most popular Health Chats held by The Cleveland Clinic this year.
  • The Cleveland Clinic team was also impressed by the volume of questions you submitted before-and-during the chat. So you know, Dr. Gillinov did not have enough time to answer all of your questions during the chat. When the session ended, Dr. Gillinov still had 45+ questions to address.
  • And, the TCC team was also impressed the detailed nature of your questions – which illustrated your research, your awareness and your acute sensitivity to the various, heart valve surgery topics discussed.

As a direct result of your interest and your incredible participation in this event, I think there is a great possibility that we may schedule similar chats in the future.

I want to thank you, The Cleveland Clinic’s Patient Education Team, its Information Technology Group and, of course, Dr. Gillinov!

In closing, the TCC team informed me that the chat transcript will be available in the next 2-3 weeks. When I receive a copy of the transcript, I will post an announcement here at my blog.

Again… Great, great, great job everybody!!!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

To learn how Adam has helped millions of people with heart valve disease, watch Adam's video, subscribe to his free newsletter, or visit his Facebook, or Twitter pages.

  • Fran Zilko

    Thank you, Adam. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Don’t know how you find the time for your full time job and your family with all that you do for all of us. I thank God I found your book and the Journal. I feel welll prepared for my surgery with the famous Dr. Gillinov next month.

  • Don Henry

    Great job for all your work in pulling this chat off with Dr Gillinov. He answered all my questions and his answers to others were very helpful,also. When I have my surgery I feel confident in my choice of which valve to get. Open heart surgery is a scary thing , especially your second surgery, even though you have been through it once. The key is to go into it with a positive mindset and this has been my challenge. Your blog has been very helpful. I enjoy reading what all the people on your blog have experienced. That helps. You are doing a great service and I thank you for you dedication.

  • Marti

    Since I have had heart valve surgery with the great Dr. Gillinov and his team, and I do think he is great, I would be happy to respond to questions from anyone anticipating heart valve surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. I was fortunate to have a friend who put me in touch with one of her friends who had had valve surgery at CC and her advice was invaluable —

  • Rhena Smith

    I concur – it was an excellent on-line chat and I was happy to have my questions answered, whcih will aid me in my valve selection choice whent eh time comes.

  • kimberly

    I was recuperating from my TEE and heart CATH procedures during the live chat, in preparation for my valve replacement surgery in the very near future, so I was not able to participate. Thank you, Adam, for taking the extra steps to post the transcripts so that I can benefit from the intelligent and informed questions that were sure to have been asked and then thoughtfully answered.

  • judy

    where can we read the “live chat” (with the cardiologist) on your site?

  • Adam Pick

    Hi Judy,

    I’m still waiting to receive the transcript from Dr. Gillinov and The Cleveland Clinic.

    Once I receive the transcript, I will post a blog which will contain a download link.

    Keep on tickin!


  • Jim Holley

    I have had my aortic valve replaced 4 time with 4 different valves, 1971. 1975, 1985, and the last in 1990, has anyone out there come close to this or am I a walking miracle….Jim

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