Mitral Mechanical Valve Options For Becky

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about Angie’s aortic mechanical valve replacement options.

Becky has a follow-up question that reads, “Hi Adam – My mitral regurg has worsened to the point where I need surgery, according to my cardiologist. I’m 48 and don’t want to go though a second heart surgery so I’m opting for a mitral mechanical valve. What are my options? Thanks, Becky.”

It’s good to see that Becky is aware that she has options for her mechanical valve replacement. Patient awareness is definitely on the rise! Just a few years ago, most patients simply said, “Okay. Okay. I want a mechanical valve. Thanks Doc.”

Now, patients are coming to their surgeons saying, “I want to be in the On-X trial!” or “What can you tell me about the Medtronic replacement?” or “I hear St. Jude’s prosthesis valve is great…. Can I get one of those implanted?”

On-X’s Mitral Mechanical Valve

Ultimately, Becky will most likely rely on her surgeon’s clinical experience to determine the best mechanical valve replacement device for her mitral valve. However, Becky is not powerless. Patients can influence valve selection.

Medtronic Mitral Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement
Medtronic’s Hall Mechanical Valve

To learn more about each of these mechanical mitral valves, please click the following links:

I hope this helps explain a little bit more about mitral mechanical valve replacement devices.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
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  • Winona Blake

    Have your tests determined that you need replacement of your mitral valve rather than repair? I learned in the past 3 months of research for my severe mitral regurgitation, that the American College of Cardiology’s new recommendations as of 2006 are very clear on the benefits of repair versus replacement of the MV. I have the website if you want it. It recommends cardiologists to refer their patients to a Center of excellence, that does a high volume of repair surgeries, and to a surgeon who is an expert in repair (done 100 to 200 repair surgeries).
    Good luck to you.
    I had my repair 3 weeks ago, at Cleveland Clinic, after much research, and was able to have the robotic assisted minimally invasive approach. Very happy with the whole experience there.

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