What Is Mitral Valve Buckling?

Every once and a while I get stumped. I mean really stumped! Well. Today is one of those days.

I just received an email that I will do my best to answer. However, if you have anything to add, feel free to provide some insight in the comments section of this blog.

The question reads, “What is mitral valve buckling?”

This is the first time I ever heard of mitral valve buckling. So, I did a little research. It appears that mitral valve buckling appears to be directly associated with mitral valve prolapse.

As you can read in this discussion, mitral valve prolapse results when one of the heart valve flaps (also known as a leaflet) moves back into the atrium when the heart beats. This prolapse can let blood flow from the ventricle back into the atrium as shown in the anatomy of the heart.

The phrase “mitral valve prolapse” was popularized due to the rise of echocardiograms.

However, according to “The Echocardiographic Assessment of the Floppy Mitral Valve”, prolapse was first described via angiograms as a buckling motion of the mitral leaflets into the left atrium.

So, unless I’m missing something it appears that mitral valve prolapse and mitral valve buckling are actually one in the same. It is more of a definition issue than anything else.

I hope that helps!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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  • janice spiak

    Hi, I need heart valve surgery. Unfortunately, I’m 63 yrs. old with diabetes and other health issues, making the surgery a much greater risk but the greater risk of course is not having the surgery. is their anyone my age w/ other health risks also facing the need of this surgery? any Info. would be grestly appreciated. Congrats on your recovery. Thanks, Janice

  • Dr. Rahul Agarwal

    hi.. my friend got a 2d echo report saying AMV buckling and everything else normal.. she got ASO titres raised,, and no other lab abnormality… fever present with pains and swelling og only palms and foot with no major joint involvement… please comment on this…

  • Bessie Story

    At the age of 68 I had mitral valve replacement. So far, so good, thanks be to God!

  • trivendra

    Hi ,

    i am 30 yrs old guy from india .
    in echo report i was diagnosed with mild buckling in AML no MR.

    and having pain in my left arm and hand.

    my echo were done three times ……in the interval fo 6-6 months first two were ok.

    but in third was no normal .

    so tell me is this a serious issue ……at the time of test i was so worried so …..this might be because of that.

    test may be ok if i go under echo again ?

    was are the possibility?

    tell me the future care so that i can live life without faer of heart issue?


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