From Immediate Bed Rest to a “Valve-in-Valve” Procedure, This Is Jesse’s Story

Jesse had been put on immediate bed rest. Jesse had not one… But, two heart surgeries. Then, he needed a third. Jesse learned of a new technology known as a “Valve-in-Valve” procedure that was in clinical trials. This is his story.



Thanks so much to Jesse, Jean, Molly and the entire McBride family for letting me into their home and into their lives. This is the first “Valve-in-Valve” patient success story that I’ve filmed. Hopeful, it will not be the last. 🙂

And… A humongous thanks goes out to Dr. Chris Malaise for helping educate our community about the “Valve-in-Valve” program at Northwestern Medicine. This really is an amazing technology!!!

Keep on tickin!

P.S. For the hearing impaired members of our community, here is written transcript of my interviews with Jesse, his family and Dr. Malaisrie:

Jesse McBride: My name is James McBride. I’m 64 years old. I go by the name Jesse. It’s a nickname I’ve had since I was one. I was in construction/pipefitter/ welder. We did HVAC systems in hospitals and schools with all types of process piping. I was probably about 41 years old, and I was actually on a job carrying welding lead up stairs and I found that I couldn’t quite get up the stairs without stopping at every level because I was huffing and puffing.

The internist I saw, he heard a murmur and he said, “I think we need to get an echocardiogram.” The echo showed that I had a 7.3 aortic aneurysm. My wife and I just looked at each other and couldn’t believe it; we just tried to go from there.

Jean McBride: When Jesse was diagnosed with his aneurysm, it was devastating. It just shocked us all.

Molly McBride: When I found out that my dad was going to have open-heart surgery, I was traumatized. I can remember going into my volleyball coach’s office and trying to tell her I had just heard this news, and I couldn’t even talk. I just sobbed. It just seemed like it was the end of the world.

mcbride-familyJean, Molly & Jesse McBride

Jesse McBride: They told me that that valve should last about 7 to 10 years. I went about my life and got back in to coaching. I felt good. About 8½ years after the surgery, I was working on a job where we were tearing up a lot of old ductwork, and I contracted a fungal blood infection. My kidneys shut down. My liver shut down. They couldn’t wait to get that resolved, so they did emergency open-heart surgery.

Jean McBride: When we found out that he was going to have his second surgery, we were really concerned.

Molly McBride: He was in so much more pain this time, and I’ll never forget when the cardiologist asked my mom to step out in the hall with the two of us together and told us to get all his papers in order.

Jesse McBride: Sort of miraculously, the doctor said that my kidneys bounced back. My liver bounced back, and then approximately 11 or 12 years after that surgery, I had been seeing my cardiologist periodically, and the valve was starting to narrow and that I would probably have to have surgery again in the near future.

Molly McBride: We always knew there would probably be a third procedure, so there was no more shock. We knew it was coming, and he, again, did his research and the procedure he went through was the valve-in-valve and it was the best thing ever.

Dr. Chris Malaisrie: Valve-in-valve procedure refers to a transcatheter heart valve procedure where we put a transcatheter heart valve inside an old surgical tissue valve. What made Mr. McBride an excellent candidate for the valve-in-valve procedure was because he already had a surgical aortic valve replacement with a tissue valve in the past. He had some comorbidities that would prefer a transcatheter approach over a surgical approach.

Jesse McBride: When I woke up the day of surgery, I could tell immediately the difference. I could breathe easier that evening. I got up and I walked, and I didn’t get tired whatsoever. It was the best procedure I had had.

I would recommend Northwestern Medicine to anybody just because of the doctors they have and the care they have. Everybody that walks in, even the person greeting you and asking you for information is just so friendly. I’m fortunate that it’s only 25 miles away from me, and I know of people that come from all around the world to go to Northwestern. I would recommend it to anybody.

Dr. Chris Malaisrie: Mr. McBride is doing great after his valve-in-valve procedure, and he made a quick recovery with a short length of stay.

Jean McBride: The surgeries have really brought our family together and really placed the value of life way up there.

Jesse McBride: I wouldn’t wish heart surgery on anybody. If you have to have it, make sure you get excellent surgeons, do the recovery process, get well as fast as you can, and hopefully if you do have to have it, you’ll only have to have it once.

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